Game release license in China is issued to "9 months". "The game can not be released unless the country is allowed"

The Chinese National Shippon Publishing Office issued a sales license for a new 45 domestic game titles on April 11. License issuance is since last July, and it has been resumed with a long stop license issue.

In China, strict regulations are imposed on the release of the game. Specifically, businesses that provide paid games require approval of game licenses issued by the Chinese government. It is not possible to launch the game unless you receive a license from the government. The issue of the license has been done every month through the first half of 2021. However, since July last year, new game license issuance is stopped in China. As a result, many companies have continued to be able to sell games newly. This license issue will be for the first time in nine months. For each game company, it has been resumed to be a long-awaited issue.

A new license was issued is 45 titles in China. XD 's large brawl game "Flash party (Flash Party)", Log Like "Kotomi Oiko", 37 Interactive Entertainment, "Unusual Voyage Voyage", etc., has newly acquired a license. Of the 45 titles, 5 titles are for PC. One title is for Nintendo Switch, and the rest is a mobile title. Many of them are casual games with fewer player consumption.

The list of license issuance of this license was distributed to the developer in the announcement of April 11, and the anonymous desired relationship is conveyed. Overseas Media Bloomberg asked for comments, NetAase refuses to comment. It is said that there was no reply from tencent. Agent representatives said that they did not return comments per working hours.

It seems that there was also an impact on the price movement of the stock price, which has not been resumed by the sale license issue. In the US market, the Bilibili stock price rises by 7.2%. The stock price of Douyu International Holdings is 2.4%. In addition, although the stock price of NetAase was shown to a width of 8.8% temporarily, it is finally settled at a price of 2.1%.

Condensers to IT companies in Beijing will range from e-commerce to Fintek and online education projects. The movement spread to the online game industry last August. The regulatory authorities have set up strict regulations on the gameplay time of minors and imposed the necessary provisions aimed at preventing poisoning. In August, in August, the economic reference, which is a national paper in China's Xinhian communication series, refers to the game industry as "mental open". There was also a two sight that the stock price of Tencent and Netease falls sharply (related articles).

Game license issuance stops have already had a major impact on each company. On the fiscal year ended Tentent, the rising width of the domestic game business revenue in the fiscal year ended December 2002 was 1%, and it was not far from the 34% up width in the international business. Sales growth rates as a whole of tencent are the lowest since 2004. There is also such a situation, and it can be said that resumption of license issuance has also been awaited from a major company.

Game Research Company Niko Partners Daniel Ahmad, comments on this announcement. Restarting the game license is a good sign for the Chinese video game market, and it is assumed that more titles may be lownched in the second half of the 2022. AHMAD, who is 500 to 700 games, a game of about 700 games will be approved in 2022. However, since the game license issued and stopped has been successfully held suddenly, such a look is just a "desired observation" to the end.

The list of license issuing works by the Chinese National Newspook Publishing Station can be viewed here. Where does the game industry in the country that swings in the void?


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