Disney +: Percy Jackson in the upcoming series

Update from April 12 2022: Long it was quiet around the new Disney + series to Percy Jackson, but now one of the most important information about the implementation of the popular book series is clarified: Who play the Percy Jackson in the upcoming fantasy Series? It is a newcomer who could last convince spectators in a Netflix movie.

New performer for Percy Jackson: Young Newcomer

In the role of Percy slips namely Walker Scobell . You may know this from the Sci-Fi Adventure "The Adam Project" , in which he was in the lead with Ryan Reynolds (whose young version he played). The 13-year-old actor fits very well to the book template, in which Percy Jackson was twelve years old as the adventures of the first volume begin. For comparison: The movie version of Percy Jackson was played by the then 20-year-old Logan Lerman.

‘Percy Jackson’ Disney+ Series Casts Walker Scobell In Title Role I THR News

Original message from 15 May 2020: Bookworms, mythology fans and Disney + subscribers are watched! Percy Jackson, the popular fantasy series of author Rick Riadan gets a new implementation - this time as a series for the streaming service Disney +. Lastly, we were allowed to see the semi-gods in the films "Percy Jackson - Thieves in the Olympus" and "Percy Jackson - in the spell of the Cyclopen" by 20th Century Fox. These have made a good figure at the cinema clubs and in reviews, which is why it has remained with two canvas appearances. Due to the Disney Fox-Deal, the rights to the mouse group have passed, which also allows the Disney + series at all.

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What are the plans for Percy Jackson on Disney +?

Rick Riordan himself has proclaimed the merry message over Twitter and directly reveals that he and his wife Becky will be in _ "involved every aspect of the series" _. Each season is supposed to treat a book - accordingly follows first the action of "The Lightning Thief" (thieves in the Olympus). Further information can not yet be revealed by the fantasy author at this point, but he visually shows enthusiastically because of the series implementation.

What is it in Percy Jackson?

The Fantasy Series Percy Jackson plays our modern world, but is dedicated to young semi-gods like Percy Jackson, who findings out in the story that he is the son of the Greek Ozena Gotts Poseidon. He learns more teenagers in an extra designed summer camp, which carry all the divine blood into themselves. In addition, wild adventures, prophecies & Co - already one has all the ingredients for a successful YA book series, which instead sets rather than Harry Potters wizards as a basis for Greek mythology. The story has been completed since 2009 and extends over five books.

Source: Twitter

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