Astral String: How to change outfit

Strale_chase is the last Nintendo game published on the switch. The game was developed by Platinumgames, the same developers as the _bayonetta series and the popular nier: automatons game. The game was well received by critics. He currently has a positive 87 percent on metacritic. We, on Gamepur, strongly recommend the game in our review. The critics rented the style and gameplay of astral chain_, comparing the past platinumgames.

The game speaks of the last vestige of human society attacked by creatures called chimeras. You play as one of the two twins, the one you do not choose becomes their own character. The twins are part of a special police force that takes care of the chimeras and use their own variants of chimeras called legions. You fight with your legion in the last human city called "The Ark"

You can customize your playable character by changing his hairstyle and clothes. However, you can not change the clothes of your character only in a specific location.

How to Change Outfits & Make Outfit Choices | Episode Tutorial

Astral String: How to Change Outfit

To change the clothes of your character Strale_chase is actually very simple. In Neuron's head office, which is the central universe of the game, you can go to your locker and change clothes. The locker of your character must be on the floor B2 of Neuron's head office.

Once you have found your locker, just go, click on it and select the Equipment option. In the Equipment menu, you can change the different parts of your outfit. You can change your jacket, your shirt, your glasses and more to the locker.

There is also a costume change option when you click your locker. At different times of the game, you can unlock new costumes that your character can wear. The Change Costume option allows the player to change suit.


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