AirPlay does not work - you can do that

First aid if AirPlay doesn't work

If AirPlay no longer works on your iPhone, you should go through the following points:

  1. First make sure that all devices are switched on and AirPlay is activated.
  2. Also check whether your devices are connected to the same WLAN network.
  3. Restart your iPh1. It can be a simple, temporary problem that occurred, for example, through another app. When you turn on your iPhone off and again, smaller bugs are fixed that are in the intermediate memory.

Airplay Not Working? How-To Fix 4. Power an update to the latest iOS version. The update solves problems that were available on the older versions. You also need the latest version to be able to use all functions on your iPhone.

  1. Control AirPlay via the control center. The control of AirPlay has changed somewhat in the newer iOS versions and is no longer offered in most apps. Use your finger from the bottom of the screen to open the AirPlay control center.

If there are still problems, you should contact Apple's support. It may also help to reset your iPhone or iPad to the work settings.


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