Sony deposits a new brand for the One and Only Knack

Does Knack come back?! The most prodigious platform hero of Playstation has not been seen since (honestly, rather good) Knack 2, released in 2017 - so we come to five entire years without Knack, if you can believe it. Anyway, Sony has filed a new Knack brand in Japan, which puts us all Knachers on the edge of our seats.

But before we go to our sanctuary Mark Cerny to thank, it should be noted that the existence of this brand does not necessarily mean that a new Knack game is in progress. It can simply that Sony renews it or that there has been a kind of systematic update. Yet the mere fact that a Knack brand has been identified means at least that Sony has not abandoned our thorn savior.

That said, who would even do a new Knack? The developer of Knack and Knack 2, Japan Studio, actually dissolved last year, and although Sony said so-called some of the staff, many key members left to do their own job.

Knack Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Chapter 1 and Intro!! (PS4 Gameplay 1080p HD)

In the current state of things, we will probably not see Knack so soon - but it will take more than a little realistic pessimism to extinguish the hope of the all-powerful Knack community. May this brand remind us that Knack always watches over us all.


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