Ghostwire Tokyo walkthrough, tips, instructions and more

Ghostwire Tokyo is the latest scary adventure of Tango Gameworks and enters the studio new territory. It's not just your first Open World game, but puts the fight in the foreground of experience and is more of a first-person action adventure than an over-the-shoulder game.

While we mentioned in our Ghostwire Tokyo Test for PS5 that we do not believe that all these new features work well, there is a lot you can engage. Side quests, collectibles, activities that are distributed over the map, and 240,000 (yes, they have read correctly) ghosts that rescue it throughout Tokyo.

But to help you to understand the fight and the functioning of the mechanics, we have put together some tips and instructions that help you to complete the game and work on to free the map of all activities. Our tips, guides and more can be found below in our Ghostwire Tokyo complete solution .

Ghostwire Tokyo complete solution

Below you will find all our guides, from which our composing Ghostwire Tokyo complete solution from small tips to the rescue of all ghosts in the city.

General Tips and Tricks

Our general tips for Ghostwire Tokyo treat the length of the game as you unlock your Ethereal Weaving techniques where you can find grenade-like talismans that you can use in combat, and much more.

  • How many chapters does Ghostwire Tokyo contain?
  • Length of Ghostwire Tokyo - How long can Ghostwire Tokyo beat?
  • Ghostwire Tokyo, how to unlock the bow
  • Ghostwire Tokyo, how to unlock the Fire Weaving attack
  • Ghostwire Tokyo, how to unlock the Water Weaving attack
  • Ghostwire Tokyo, where you get more talismans

History and characters

The collection of guidelines on history and characters in Ghostwire Tokyo gives you an insight into the cast behind the characters of the game and all missions in the game.

  • Speaker and occupation of Ghostwire Tokyo
  • Ghostwire Tokyo mission list with all main and co-missions

GHOSTWIRE TOKYO Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO (PS5 4K 60fps) Japanese Voice

Upgrades, skills, consumables and more

This section of our guides deals with the skills that you can unlock, and the consumables that you can use to restore your health. It also contains some other tips on objects in your inventory.

  • Overview of the Skill Tree of Ghostwire Tokyo
  • The best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo
  • Ghostwire Tokyo Maximum Katashiro Amount you can hold
  • Consumables, food and drinks from Ghostwire Tokyo


This section deals with everything you can do to clear the map in Ghostwire Tokyo, including shrines, collectibles, side activities and more.

  • Ghostwire Tokyo, how to save all ghosts
  • Locations of Ghostwire Tokyo Torii Gate

More soon …

This covers our walkthrough to Ghostwire Tokyo. These instructions and tips should help you to get through the game, defeating difficult visitors and restore the citizens to Tokyo.


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