Elden Ring: Discover the application that will help you during the missions so as not to miss a step

All the players of Elden Ring know that the intermediate lands is a vast world. Within the latter you will find many missions, several treasures but also heads almost impossible to overcome.

Therefore, it is very easy to get lost and overlooked certain elements of the game. In addition, Elden Ring does not have a missions tracker, which increases realism, but unfortunately does not help players who do not have too much memory.

Elden Ring: Ranni Complete Questline Guide - How To Get The DARK MOON GREATSWORD (Ranni's Quest) It is for this reason that a player decided to create an application to list all the NPCs and missions in the game .

A Missions Tracker in iOS

The application is called Shattered Ring and at the moment it is only available in iOS, that is, in the Apple Store. Although it was created for Elden Ring, it can be used for all the role games that do not have a quest tracker.

For 2.99 euros , players can enter information about the NPCs that are in the game, or simply enter the missions initiated and then modify their status as they advance.

Missions can also be ordered by location, which facilitates completing them region by region. The goal is for players to organize and thus not miss a secret of the game.

The brain behind the application

The creator of Shattered Ring is called Dacrary Carey and, on day to day, is not a developer of applications but a documentary player.

In an interview for VGC, Carey said: _ "I wanted to get the most out of this game so much that I created my first application to solve what I think is a great accessibility barrier for many more casual players like me"._

In the coming months, the application may also be available on Android. So you will not have an excuse to lose you between the hundreds of intermediate lands missions!


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