Andrew Witts, Director of Halo Infinite Multiplayer, Leave 343 Industries

Andrew Witts, head manager of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite at 343 Industries , has left the study after three years working in the franchise. Witts, with more than ten years of experience in the industry, explained in a tweet that the departure of him is because he hopes to "take a free time to relax and recharge energy." The news, which arrived during the weekend, was published shortly after we knew that the cooperative mode of the main campaign has been delayed again. This fact, which in principle is not related to the witts, it is contextualized with a series of problems in the multiplayer mode that are still in the process of solving.

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"Today has been my last day at 343 Industries," Witts wrote on Saturday. «It has been an honor to lead the multiplayer design team during these years. Thanks to all Halo fans for your comments over the years. We have made this game for you ».

According to his LinkedIn page, in his years in the industry he has worked "as game designer and has published multiple award-winning titles," being his specialty "design 3c, multiplayer design and combat, as well as team management", and before its marching 343 Industries was the director of combat design in ArenaNet.

As we said, referring to news about Halo Infinite itself, they also confirmed the delay in cooperative mode of their campaign three days ago, after they also postpone the announcement of new updates. Now we know that it will not be available in May as planned (coinciding with the beginning of season 2, May 3), but will come later. "The reality is that it will take longer to get a high quality online cooperative experience and with all functions for 4 players in the huge open world of Halo Infinite," explain in Halo Waypoint. However, they also clarify that they are achieving "great progress in the online cooperative campaign", although it has been ballast by parallel development of forging mode.

«We want an experience for two players on screen divided into all Xbox consoles, from Xbox One to X series, and the spacious and non-linear sections of the campaign are being a great challenge for the split screen that is taking us longer What is necessary to solve ». "We hope to be able to launch it later within this season [the second], and we will share a launch date later."

On Forge mode, they have clarified that they continue to make great progress and "a small group of creators of the community" is already working on their tests, so they maintain their goal of publishing it during season 3.


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