Halo Infinite stagnates: Help, I do not know what to do until May still!

In the past few weeks, the very best headlines about Halo Infinite were not necessarily. From sinking game numbers was there the speech and modes, which still do not work properly for two months after launch. With gloomy imagination you have almost mimic that the Multiplayer of Halo Infinite is already in dying.

I do not want to paint this devil on the wall, but I do not want to worry about the Free2Play shooter, who has prepared me since his launch in mid-November 2021 so many nice hours and enormously fun. Because my game behavior has changed: I have been watching for a few weeks that the number of Halo Infinite hours played has decreased rapidly. Of course, this has something to do with it to do that other titles - such as Horizon Forbidden West - stand on my list, but above all, I have made a different problem.

Little content as a core problem

And I see it clearly in the lack of content replenishment. In general, here is not praising that developers at least tried 343 Industries on a weekly basis to ensure a lot of variety. And new modes and events like recently the Cyber ​​Showdown Event with the turmoil mode also made it with me. Also, I also welcome it with whatever stubbornness the studio behind it is to incorporate feedback from the community and to fix errors.


Tobias Veltin @Frischerveltin

Over 600 games Tobi has completed the launch of the launch in the Infinite multiplayer and more than he had suspected that before the launch. He is a big fan of weapon coatings and finds that the game couldlerated significantly more of it - too, a motivation problem is slowly introducing itself.

Despite all, however, a hook has been clearly craned out in recent times. Because what yields 343, is not enough or is not elementary enough for me. For example, I have brought the Battle Pass to Level 100 since the end of 2021, since my matches in matches have been going to digital Nirvana. Above all, that is frustrating in that it will take until May (!) Will take until the new season goes to the start. And then, in addition to the new Battle Pass hopefully, new maps brings new maps.

Because at the ten available cards I have - and probably many other Infinite fans also - despite their good quality seen so full and played, that I would like to play part by even when considering that classic halo cards I prefer to play in Infinite As the current 1. Rumors about new maps are available, but that does not solve the problem in the least.

Also with the modes could certainly be experimented even more. Why is there still no classics such as King of the Hill or Assault in the matchmaking selection? Or why do I have to change for a Mode BR-START inevitably in the ranked mode? Why not much more likely to be offered here, I do not really want to open up to me. Even on the weekly rewards to play, is often not worth it because it is rare about something attractive. A Lahmer background for my nameplate? Thanks, I renounce.

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satisfied, but still without motivation

Of course you could say: "Game Ranked to push you up to the highest rank onyx, that's a long-term goal." Basically certainly an idea, but I have now arrived in ranked mode in a rank, with which I am satisfied and for its increase to me simply the time, patience and the frustration resistance is missing. I just like to be in the normal playlists and to be relatively informal there. Only I have simply simple and just the feeling of having to have seen everything much too often.

By the way, this should not be hot ** that the Gameplay of Halo Infinite has worn out for me. On the contrary, I'm even more edter than last year because even after a long time little tricks and tricks can be discovered, for example, for various trick jumps or arms handling. Only I would like this cool gameplay in a variant environment. And one that also rewards me beyond the satisfactory gunplay ideally with some progress.

However, as I said, it will be the case again in May, promising features like the Map Editor Forge probably come until the end of the year. Until then, however, I have really had little ideas what to do. And my great overhealthy concern is also that Halo Infinite has already lost most of his player's player, because it could go as it's up to her. It works for me quite as if 343 industries were earlier in long-term planning. Of course, of course, the team lies me and the game shines in full bloom from May. But I still have my doubts - well possible, so that the bad news of the last time will not be the last ones we hear from Halo Infinite. What do you mean: Am I too pessimistic? Or do you have similar feelings at halo infinite?


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