Dying Light 2: How to get combat points and Parkour to unlock skills

If you are going to face the toughest infected in the world in Dying Light 2, you will also need to climb the Aiden protagonist level. This is done largely by winning competition in combat and Parkour to get skill points. These skill points can be spent to unlock skills from combat and parkour skill trees, respectively. Here is How to get combat points and Parkour in Dying Light 2 .

Get combat points in Dying Light 2

To get combat points at Dying Light 2, you must fight and kill enemies. No matter how you fight or kill an enemy, you will earn a proficiency combat, which will fill out an indicator.

The most advanced movements will give you more competition points, just like to tear down harder enemies. We also recommend combining your combat and parkour skills by using Parkour's combat movements, such as jumping kick performed by staging an enemy and using it as a trampoline to jump and attack a nearby enemy.

Dying Light 2 BEST SKILLS TO UNLOCK FIRST - Parkour and Combat Skills to Unlock

Once the indicator has been filled, it will increase your combat competition in one, unlocking a skill point that can then spend within the 'combat' tree. You will receive an on-screen notification when you have a skill point to spend.

Complete main and secondary missions, as well as unlock subway substations and other open world activities will also make you gain a lot of combat points.

Get Parkour points in Dying Light 2

Parkour points are earned as you cross the open world jumping, sliding and climbing obstacles. As in the case of combat points, you will earn by Parkour's domain by performing movements and combinations of more advanced movements.

However, to earn points quickly, you will want to undertake main and secondary missions, as well as mark activities such as activating features structures. There are also Parkour challenges throughout the game, which are one of the many question marks to discover scattered on the map.

Usually, the rewards for a certain mission or activity of open world are listed as the mouse passes over it on the map; If you see the boot symbol with wings, it is a Parkour reward. Also, the symbol of the fist is for combat points.

Once you have filled your Parkour indicator, you will get a Parkour skill point that you can spend within the 'Parkour' tree. You will also receive an on-screen notification that will allow you to spend your skill points when you have won one.

Spend skill points

  • Press the Touch panel on PS4 / PS5 or the menu button on Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One.

Go to the "Skills" menu by pressing R1 / RB.

  • Select the skill you would like to unlock with the on-screen cursor and hold X / A to confirm that you want to buy it.

Some skills only unlock when your resistance or health has reached a certain level. The skills you can unlock are on a brighter white, while the blocked skills are attenuated.

That's all you need to know about How to get combat points and parkour at Dying Light 2 , so you can unlock all those skills. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or see more of our coverage about the game below.

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