Clash Royale: What are the rare emoticons available in the game?

Available in Clash Royale since 2016, Emotes have opened way into the game and remain the most popular cosmetics for players. Today there are more than 200 different . Some protrude to destabilize your opponent or tilt it as a kiss or the mythical "jijijija" . Others are simply fun animations in the various game units and are destined to interact with your clan's friends.

It is also very unlikely that you have seen all these emits in action, since some are rare because they are difficult to get. In Reddit, SKYLORDCR recently developed a rating of the rarest gestures available within the game, something that very few players can show them in the sand. Are you among them?

Top 10 RAREST Emotes in Clash Royale! (2020) | Part 1

The 3 Rarely Emotes of the game

1 - The elf of 20 victories in the challenge of the CLASH Royale League 2019

An emoticon that is achieved by winning and that only the best players have, since it was only granted those who validated the super challenge of 20 victories necessary to qualify for the CRL at 2019 . At the time, this super challenge was a true obstacle career, even for professionals. In addition, the emoticon was only available for a week and never came back.

2 - The real ghost and the gem

If you did not play to Clash Royale Before March 2017 , you do not need to look for this emoticon in your inventory because you're not going to have it. In fact, it could only be acquired to qualify beyond the legendary sand in the old league system, before the second quarter of 2017, at a time when the classification was much more consistent than now. After all, an original emoticon that only have the most talented players.

3 - King cleaning his trophy

If your opponent launches this emoticon at the beginning of the game, stay on guard: you face a very good player potentially included in the current goal. In fact, this article can only be acquired by classifying among the 100 best of a global tournament (the 200 best from January 2021) during a season of Clash Royale.

Honorable mentions

SKYLORDCR He was also in charge of mentioning some very rare and prestigious emits, even if they do not deserve a place in the Sacrosanto Top 3. Here there is a small anthology of emits that make an account stand out from the others:


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