WWE 2K22: This wrestling

This is a listing of feature films produced or co-produced in Quebec and also identified according to their very first broadcast year. This list is extensive, yet is not necessarily total.

Although WWE 2K22 is to be published in March this year, there are hardly any official information about the wrestling title. Neither the exact appearance, nor the cover or the superstar grate are known.

However, however, from several advertising clips and videos released lately, WWE 2K22 will put in the usual manner on a rust of newcomers, stars and legends.

The following superstars were seen in official trailers and game scenes for WWE 2K22 and are therefore always included in the final version of the title:

Apollo crews Asoka Austin Theory Bayley Becky Lynch Bianca Belief Big E Bobby Ashley Booker T Cameron Grimes Carmella Cesar Chad Gable

WWE 2K22 Next Gen Gameplay Concept (PS5/Xbox Series X) | Roman Reigns vs. Rey Mysterio Dolph Ziegler Dominik Mysterious Drew McIntyre Edge Finn Valor Finn Valor Goldberg Ilia Dragon Jeff Hardy Joaquin Wilde

Kane Kevin Owens KOF Kingston Monte Ford Mustafa Ali MVP Raquel Gonzalez Rey Mysterious Rhea Ripley Ricochet Roman Reigns Samoa Joe Seth Rollins Shayna babbler Shea mus Shelton Benjamin Shine Nakamura Stamina The MID Tyler Bate


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