Read whatsapp group secretly - with five steps it works

WhatsApp's groups are blessing and curse. WhatsApp Group reveals a trick on how to secretly leave a chat without being rude.

Dortmund — the WhatsApp Group with the members of the Tennis Association, the group for the planning of the ten-year abide or the group with the nice colleagues from the department next door. Sometimes you have added faster to a group than you can watch. But how do you leave them, without any more embarrassing moments at WhatsApp with the other members? WhatsApp Group knows a trick.

WhatsApp Group secretly leave: This trick makes it possible

How to Read Whatsapp Group Messages without Sender Knowing The trick to reside the WhatsApp group secretly is basically simple: and by not leaving them. For the messenger service provides for its principles that members of a chat group are informed about the activities, the other participants in the group company — just then when a person returns to the chat.

WhatsApp does not offer an official way to reside a group secretly. That is, one must circumvent basic settings something and help oneself in other ways. For simply leaving a group, others often feel rude or feel at the end of the skip.

WhatsApp Group secretly leave in five steps

To avoid these situations, you can pull yourself out of the misery with a simple trick. For this you just have to follow these steps, and you have already been tranquil of countless open messages or annoying group chats:

This already has a first problem solved. If other members write a message in the WhatsApp Group, you do not get it displayed anymore. Only if you actively open WhatsApp, you can see how many unread messages have been sent in the chat since the last visit (more digital news at WhatsApp Group).

WhatsApp group mute and then move to the archive

So that can not be the final solution, because fast is then tempted to take a look into the group again and to read the countless news in the chat course. So the WhatsApp group must also disappear from the chat list. For this you have to follow these further steps next to have finally rest:

Through this trick, the group does not leave the group finally, but the group disappears in the depths of the archive and is thus almost invisible — even if other members write new messages. Quasi free after the motto: out of sight, out of mind.

And the WhatsApp trick has another advantage: On the one hand, on the one hand, it does not affect other chat participants, but on the other hand, the back door is still open to actively participate in the discussions in due course or a look at The group can throw what news in the tennis club at the change of the season actually again.

Category list picture: © Krill Kudryavtsev / AFP, Collage: WhatsApp Group


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