Lost Judgment would be preparing a series of real TV with the same actor protagonist that the game

Production IG, Inc. (株式 会社 プロダクショ · · アイジ ー, Kabushiki-Gaisha Purodakushon Ai I?) Is a Japanese animation research, based on December 15, 1987, by Mitsubishi Ashikaga and Kabuki Got, presently possessed by IG Port. It lies in Mashing (Tokyo), Japan. Production I. G. has participated in the development of countless anime television collection, OVAs, cinematographic films as well as joins the style and advancement of video clip games, along with on edition and also songs administration. Among his most exceptional jobs are Guilty Crown, Psycho-Pass, Eden of the East and the Ghost in the Shell series. It is understood in the video game sector by establishing introductions, cutting scenes and illustrations for video games such as the title of the NAMC Tales Workshop research study, Stories of Symphonic.

Lost Letters I and also G are obtained from the names of the company's creators, Mitsubishi Ashikaga and the prominent designer of characters Kabuki Got. The business is a participant of the Japanese Animation Organization (AKA), an organization of greater than 50 researches Japanese animation.

The players have engaged in the genre of thriller . Judgment was pleasantly received by the community, a phenomenon that returned to repeated with the most recent Lost Judgment. Seeing the success of both titles, SEGA It has not wanted to waste the public's interest and, therefore, the production of a real action television series focused on the adventure of the detective Kabuki Salami.

But the connection with video games will go beyond the ordinary, since it is possible that the protagonist is interpreted by the actor Tanya Timur , who is well known by the fans after having made the same role in deliveries. Although Sega has not yet given an official confirmation, from Kodak the information published by the Japanese Middle Nikkei Sendai, where the temporary title of the series is ' The enjoyed '.

Although this name does not correspond to 100% with the video games we know, it should be noted that in Japan lost Judgment: Sabakarezaru Kick, which is literally translated as ' Lost Judgment: UNLOADED MEMORY '. Therefore, the community has not taken to tie Cabot and consider the production of a real series on private detective titles.

As for the Games, Lost Judgment has counted on Curiosities that they call the attention of the fans, such as the inclusion of 8 full games of Master System on the same adventure or the dispute by carrying the title to PC. In its analysis, we tell you that your proposal is presented not only as one of the best stories of 2021, but also as an argument really brave and committed.


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