"Apply digital car keys to Apple, Hyundai Motor, Genesis"

Apple has been reported to be able to enlarge the 'Digital Car Key' feature that Apple has supported by BMW vehicles this summer.

Mark Gun Bloomberg said based on the value of the code found in the Apple operating system (iOS) 15 (local time), and the system will support Apple Digital Chat with Apple Digital Khaki.

In the meantime, the Apple Digital Champion worked only in BMW.

When using a digital car key, the vehicle can be opened with the iPhone only without a car key. The iPhone is close to the car handle, the way to unlock through the NFC technology (NFC) technology.

After boarding the car, the iPhone will be retrieved by recognizing the NFC reader and the wireless charger. It is available without a separate authentication process. Even if the iPhone battery does not exist, it will operate up to 5 hours through the power preliminary mode.

Creating The Nine Turf fibrous, the EN GET has not yet been specifically determined, but it is not specifically determined, but it would be possible to use it from the next summer in the vehicle such as Ionic 5.


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