Xbox Cloud Gaming shares its amazing figures: 20% of players uses tactile controls

Since the Cloud service was presented for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, not stopped receiving updates and incompatibilities with new systems. The Xbox cloud allows us to enjoy a wide catalog of video games from our devices through streaming. Although the arrival of the service was announced by focusing part of the attention in external peripherals to control the game, the truth is that, many users use the tactile controls of their mobile devices as the main option.

The figure reaches 30% in games like Hades This reflected Monty Hernandez, Senior Program Manager at Xbox in an interview in The Vise. The twenty percent of our Xbox Cloud Gaming users use tactile control as an exclusive way to play, Hernandez said. Therefore, it is important for us that games compatible with control We launched to be relevant and, even more important, that work well with these controls.

This statistic manages to be even more shocking in a group of games, where it has come to reach thirty percent among players who play only tactile controls. Among them are paused titles that do not require great speed or precision to the controls, although there are also some action games quite demanding, something that speaks very well of the polishing of these controls. These are the games more exclusively played with tactile controls:

Обзор xCloud На ПК В России | Xbox Cloud Gaming

We have seen, on average, an increase to double use of titles available through Xbox Cloud Gaming, in all genres, which implement tactile controls, Hernandez confessed. This increase in interest has led many developers to work to add this type of controls, arriving to see some impressive configurations, stylish and custom icons. Advances at Xbox Cloud Gaming have not been limited to your controls, we have also received improvements for visual quality such as Clarity Boost, your filter for Microsoft Edge Canary.


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