Torlam Online can play on a large screen of PC! Steam version · Windows version formal service start | Memorial present campaign hold | Present all players for commemorative avatars and adventures

Final Fantasy XV is an action role-playing video game created and also published by Square Enix. The fifteenth major installment of the Last Fantasy collection, it was released for the PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One in 2016, Microsoft Windows in 2018, and also Stadia as a launch title in 2019. The game includes an open world environment and also action-based fight system, incorporating quick-switching tools, essential magic, and also other features such as automobile traveling and also camping. The base campaign was later expanded with downloadable web content (DLC), adding additional gameplay choices such as added playable personalities and also multiplayer. Final Fantasy XV happens on the fictional world of EOS; other than Insomnia, the capital of Lucas, all the globe is dominated by the empire of William, that seek control of the enchanting Crystal secured by the Lucian royal family. On the eve of tranquility arrangements, William strikes the resources and takes the Crystal. Notes Lucas Callum, successor to the Lucian throne, takes place a mission to rescue the Crystal and defeat William. He later discovers his complete role as the Real King, predestined to use the Crystal's powers to conserve EOS from eternal darkness. The video game shares a thematic connection with Fibula Nova Crystals Final Dream, a subseries of games linked by a common mythos that includes Final Dream XIII and also Last Dream Type-0. The game's development started in 2006 as a PlayStation 3 spin-off labelled Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Betsy Nora acted as the original supervisor and also personality developer. After a development duration of 6 years, it was altered to the next mainline title in the series in 2012; Nora was replaced as supervisor by Anime Tabata, as well as the game moved to 8th generation systems. Due to the modifications, the story needed to be revised as well as some scenes and personalities were repurposed or eliminated. The setup of Last Fantasy XV was a fantasy based on truth, with locations and creatures based on aspects from the real world. To supplement the video game, Square Enix developed a multimedia job called the Last Fantasy XV World, that includes a few spin-off games, in addition to an anime series and feature film. Gameplay and story-based DLC was released between 2017 and also 2019. Upon launch, Last Fantasy XV was well obtained by critics. Prevalent appreciation was offered for its gameplay, visuals, soundtrack, and emotional weight, while reception in the direction of its tale as well as presentation was blended. By November 2021, the video game had actually offered over 9.8 million duplicates worldwide.

Asimov Co., Ltd. has notified that the formal service of the STEAM version of MMORPG Forum Online, which enjoys freedom, has started.

Asimov Co., Ltd. has launched a formal service of the STEAM version of MMORPG Tram Online, which enjoys freedom. The operation method and screen are changed for the mouse & keyboard, and you can enjoy this work on the large screen of the PC without worrying about the battery level and the amount of communication data.

In commemoration of the Steam version of the STEAM version and Windows version, present campaign is held for all players including smartphones (Android · iOS) version. You can get an item that helps fashionable equipment (avatar) and adventure

[Download URL] steam version: HTTPS: // Windows version: HTTPS: // ※ Compatible language: Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Literature, Thai Indonesian

Adventure on a big screen of PC! Steam version · Windows version appeared

We have launched the official service of Tram Online and Windows version of Tram Online over 1,2 million downloads worldwide. Basic play You can download free of charge.

Changed the operation method and screen so that it is easy to play with the mouse & keyboard. You can enjoy Forum Online on a large screen of PC without worrying about battery levels and communication data.

Also, if you are already playing in the smartphone version, you can take over the game data in the Steam version and Windows version with your account registration. At home, PC, commuting and attending school can be played according to lifestyle and preferences, such as smartphones.

▲ Move with arrow or W A S D.

You can dash when you enter a mobile key while pressing L SHIFT (left side shift).

▲ Right-click the mouse to drag and rotate the camera.

▲ Right-click the mouse to drag and rotate the camera.

By default, digit key input, but the operation key can be changed according to the taste.

Move without getting lost in the NPC and nearby players in the target list.

Memorial Avatar GET! Present campaign held

Steam Version · Held a present campaign commemorating the start of the official service of Windows version. We will give you an item that helps the release commemorative fashion and adventure to everyone who logged in to the game during the period.

Present contents

· Release commemorative fashionable equipment Refreshing · Additional equipment Sitting Been · Production Material Box 1,000 pt (Metal / Fabric / Beast / Wood / Pharmaceutical / Magic) · Recovery Item Fermentation Revival × 99

▲ リ Release commemorative fashionable equipment Refreshing

▲ Added Equipment Sitting Beaho-kun

[Present period] January 31, 2022 (Mon) 23:59

Game introduction

Tram Online is a high degree of freedom to set various factors, such as character makeup, weapon armor creation, skill acquisition, etc.

There is no concept of occupation common to RPG, and you can foster characters to your own preference. The player will look for hidden secrets in the mysterious world, which was broken once by a large variation and tied up to joining. You can experience powerful battle in real time with all the world's friends.


Google Play: ID = com.Asimov. Toramonline App Store: HTTPS: // Steam: Windows: HTTPS: //tramp/

Game Overview

Title: Tram Online (Tram Online) Genre: MMORPG Price: Basic Play Free OS: Android / IOS / PC Supported Languages: English, English, Korean, Traditional Language, Thai, Indonesian Official Site: HTTPS: / / ( Can be accessed from PC · smartphone.) Official Twitter: HTTPS: // pr Official Facebook page: Development Blog: HTTPS: //


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