Star Wars: Hunters unveils on Switch, iOS and Android

Announced at the beginning of the year without showing anything, Star Wars: Hunters finally passes to the developer with a trailer worthy of the name.

Quite far from the spirit of a Star Wars Battlefront By its more Cartoon artistic direction and more compact clashes, this competitive arena fighting game is expected officially in 2022 but is debut today in India, in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines on Google Play as part of an soft launch. The trailer makes it possible to discover a selection of arenas and of course some of the hunters that will compete in 4 against 4 in what will be to call a Free-to-Play that supports the cross-play on Switch, IOS and Android.

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The video highlights each fighter's unique combat style: the expertise of Raise and J-3DI in the handling of the laser sword, the precision to the Blaster Dead eye of Main and Sentinel, the arsenal of arms of hunters Premiums of Mara Vex, Gross Graze Force, Droid Slingshot's clever technology and finally the ingenious use of remnants recovered by TONI, explains Zynga's release. The official website of the game offers additional details of the eight hunters and the three arenas unveiled in this trailer.


Star Wars: Hunters - Welcome to the Arena | Cinematic Trailer - Nintendo Switch Star Wars: Hunters — Gameplay Trailer


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