St. Pauli without captain Ziereis against Schalke?

On Wednesday, President One Davis was re-elected at the General Assembly, on Thursday, the focus on the FC St. Pauli turned back to the sporty. And there's waiting on Saturday the game tags against Schalke (20.30, live! At General).

Schalke is a big name that you usually do not meet in the 2nd league, said LIC Fave, who represented head coach Time Schultz at the press conference and will be responsible again on Saturday on the bank. S04, however, stands six points behind the leader, which Fave does not surprise. After a big change, it is normal that it takes for the automatism to grip.

That worked at least at the 5: 2 against Tannhauser in passage two most recently perfect — although Forager Eroded was missing. We do not have to discuss that he is a great striker. Other striker types, of course, make us challenges from other challenges. That might also be more difficult to count on them, Fave does not see the failure of the striker not necessarily as an advantage for his team.

Question mark behind Ar emu — Even Zebras struck

The view is not just on the opponent. At St. Pauli is a bigger question mark behind After Ar emu, who injured on Wednesday had to stop training. Fave: At Ar emu, further investigations take place today, which we have to wait. Whether Captain Philipp Zebra can run, is not quite sure he has noticed in the back in the warm-up, says Fave, but that does not believe that it's worse.

Thumbs up at Medic

However, Jakob Medic's thumbs go up, the center defender will probably be available after his nasal leg. We go, stood now that he is an option for the weekend. However, Fave still wants to see how the whole thing works for him with mask in the two fighting.


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