SF Shooting ACT Chorus PC version Released with a beautiful and dark universe drawn by 4K

Deep Silver Fish labs released SF shooting ACT CHORUS PC version (Steam / EPIC Games Store).

This work is a beautiful and dark space station or strange different dimension drawn with 4K, once a circle is the most dangerous warrior of the circle, and now, AI with a pointed manner and a perception AI Single-play space combat shooting game that uses fighter Four Taken equipped with a fighter.

There is a weapon that is characterized by NARA and Four Taken, each with a weapon, which is also possible to upgrade. There is a special ability such as a spacecraft characteristic drift system, super capability, instantaneous movement, and these capabilities can be combined with the ultimate raw weapon.

CHORUS is on sale at PC (Steam / Epic Games Store). Overseas on Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PS5 / PS4 / Google Stadia / Amazon LUNA. In addition, Japanese correspondence is scheduled for February 10, 2012, a domestic CS release date.


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