Politicians propose initiative to counteract the bots and resellers

Since its launch a year ago, both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X became victims of resellers. Those who sought to acquire one of these consoles during their first months in the market did not have more than to pay exorbitant sums of money by any of them, or wait for weeks until the stores were represented, and although the problem is no longer so Severe as before, there are still people who take advantage of the desabasto.

To counteract them, a group of politicians in the United States seeks to revive a proposal that aims to end cybernetic mills that use automated technology to quickly acquire full inventories of popular toys and resell them at much higher prices.

Specifically, the representative Paul Tonto, Together with Senators Richard Blumenthal, Chuck Schumer and Ben Ray Human announced this proposal the past Monday, November 29, However, this same proposal was already been announced in 2019, but due to the drastic increase of bots in recent months, they hope to get more support this time.

The average buyer at these parties can not compete against the speed of the bots and subsequently remain at the mercy of resellers and third parties when you want to buy gifts for Christmas.

How bots are influencing politics and society This proposal would be based on what you did Better Online Ticket Sales over there, those who successfully ended up with the Bots and reseller of concert tickets and sporting events. Basically, it would implement new security measures in e-commerce sites, and in case a bot can not overcome these measures, the user would be suspended for life.

Editor's note: In theory this new proposal sounds like something that would benefit us all, however, it sounds like something difficult to implement. The truth is that having sites that share the same security measures is not a simple nothing task, and of course, resellers could find a way to pass all these tests.


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