NBA News: Several teams at Trade for Knicks

RUMORS: Are some NBA teams interested in trading for Kemba Walker? (New York Knicks News) The New York Knicks have thrown Emma Walker from the rotation, which apparently calls several competitors on the plan. Apparently, there should be interested in a potential trade for the Point Guard.

Jordan Schultz from Pull Up Podcast wants to learn that three teams should have inquired at the Knicks after a potential trade for Walker. Which teams are this is not known.

According to Schultz, however, it is unclear whether the knicks want to give the veterans at all. But this speaks a report by bleacher Report. Accordingly, anonymous league sources assume that New York is not averted by Trade.

Knicks coach Tom Thoreau had announced on Monday that Walker will no longer start for the knicks in the future and even completely removed from the rotation. The 31-year-old had signed only in summer in his hometown of New York, but showed at most through-grown benefits in recent weeks.

About the complete season, the Point Guard put 11.7 points, 3.1 assists and 2.6 rebounds — each — career lowest values ​​— and hit only 42.9 percent of its field troubles (after all 41.3 percent of downtown). The starting five of the knicks with walker was after net rating one of the worst lineups of the complete league (-15.7).

In recent years, Walker had always struggled with knee problems, especially defensive he is prone. If the knicks really want to trade him, this can happen at the earliest from 15th of December. Then the players may also be involved in trades who had signed a new contract in the summer.

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Walker stands for two years and 18 million dollars under contract, according to bleacher report the knicks could allegedly throw an eye on Rockets-Guard John Wall. The 31-year-old does not play a role in the future plans in Houston, but deserves $44.3 million in this season and has a player's option of 47.4 million for the 2022/23 season.


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