LOL: Arcane becomes a comic thanks to this talented fan of the League of Legends series

Arcane, the animated series on League of Legends that premiered in Netflix a few weeks ago, has impressed both the Mob Community of Riot Games and the spectators who had no idea of ​​the world of RENATER. In addition to the history of VI and Jinx, several theories about other characters emerged, such as Mel, Singed and much more. But, What if Arcane was a comic instead of an animation?

With that in mind, the content creator Gaming dad created a 12-page comic, counting the history of the first episode of Arcane: This project has been very fun because I was able to see the series by setting me in all the details. I saw the first Full episode, takes by taking, trying to capture the spirit of the series for the comic. I hope you like the concept.

You can read this version of Arcane through the video below, or directly in the image we add and that contains all the pages of the comic.

Remember that after the success of Arcane, Riot Games confirmed the second season of the animation series, as well as revealed that he wants to produce more series and films about the history of RENATER, the universe where the action of League of Legends develops.

Riot Games is quite a fan of comics, getting to create several about Lux, Ashe, Zed or even about K / The, the fictitious music group that has been harvested during these last years, and composed of several champions like Kai'SA, HRI or Evelyn.

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