Dassorf meets seven times


Maggie (3), Miller (2) and — NA clear — Harris (2): The trio of leaders US Dusseldorf donated the penultimate Hairdryer SV at 7: 0 all matches. It was a correspondingly one-sided duel on this last match day of the year 2021, which the League Dominator with 3-0 already shaped at halftime. Ranked one in the preliminary round is the Passengers no longer to take — and otherwise it will concretely in terms of decisions. This was mainly due to a result: because Concordia Hamburg won 4-1 with a personally weakened HSV Barber Uhlenhorst, steady between the two neuralgic table strains five and six currently a nine-point gap. Suleiman made a counterattack for the Cord guidance at a counterattack, Claus put the 2-0 for his team just before the break. BU reported briefly after restart by a grave hit, with 3: 1 by Claus, who recalled a Suleiman flank, was then the lid on it. The outstanding Suleiman was then also marked the 4: 1 final score from 16 meters.

CORD remains in fourth place four, five has the SV Cur slack Newengamme, who prevailed with 4: 1 against the VFL Lohbrugge. With two goals in the initial phase, Cur slack clearly made sure that you would go out of this game with three counters: Scouring with a flat-stepped direct free kick and Moor by head after a corner set to 2: 0, followed by the counterpart Dodge — also by head After a corner — for the 3: 0 preliminary decision. Shutting second stroke from about five meters meant 4: 0. A little later, Been marked by Schooner into the long corner at least the honor goal for the VFL. But even with this victory, the cubes in terms of ascent round have not fallen final, because of course there is Hamm United, whose lot was canceled against undertaking Bramfelder SV because of playability of the square. Hamm has so far completed eleven games, so in the outstanding seven lots can still collect some counters.

The competitive top game of Third (Paloma Hamburg) vs. Second (TSV Basel) ended with a draw. Twice Basel came back after a backlog, then even went in leadership. The most beautiful gate of the day — Blank hunted the ball from the penalty area into the triangle — but then caused the not undeserved 3: 3-point division.


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