Cowboy Bebop: The new Live Action series is canceled by Netflix fully

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COWBOY BEBOP, the new series of actual action that adapts the Spiegel, Jet Black and Faye Valentine Adventures, hHollywood Reporter been canceled fully by Netflix after less than a month since the premiere of his first and only seHollywood Reporteron. So what wHollywood Reporter published The Hollywood Reporter, claiming that from the platform they have not positively received some audience figures well below what is expected, even more if we take into account the high production costs of the series.

Cowboy Bebop runs out of seHollywood Reporteron 2 in Netflix

And is that the audience hHollywood Reporter not received Cowboy Bebop Hollywood Reporter expected, since it wHollywood Reporter an adaptation Live Action that had awakened some interest. So much so, that Cowboy Bebop added only 21 million hours reproduced during his first weekend, figures far from what wHollywood Reporter expected at Netflix. A following week added others 36 million hours reproduced, which is why Netflix hHollywood Reporter decided to cut by the healthy to see that the great public hHollywood Reporter not answered Hollywood Reporter planned.

Netflix CANCELS Live Action Cowboy Bebop | What’s Next?

Adding the cowboy bebop audience figures, the series is situated at a half step down between the great catalog of productions of the streaming platform, something that for Netflix is ​​not sustainable given the great budget that handles a Series like the one that concerns us. All in all, Cowboy Bebop is left without a seHollywood Reporteron 2 that safely the fans of the franchise would have received with open arms.

Recall that a few months ago something similar with another series of Netflix that had raised a certain expectation by both the superhero, and the high levels of production; Unfortunately, Jupiter's Legacy did not convince the great audiences to be well below the expected reproduction figures, being canceled after a single seHollywood Reporteron.


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