BVB: Rose wants Bayern Hurtun - Doubts about Haaland

After the ups and downs in recent weeks Borussia Dortmund is on Saturday night against Bayern again before a landmark game. BVB coach Marco Rose demanded of his team advance full commitment — in the Personnel Erlang Haaland, meanwhile, he has not yet settled finally in the cards look.

We have managed to stay tuned to this point. Now we have it in a direct duel in our own stadium. There we will try to hurt them with the knowledge that we need an absolute top performance, described on the 45-year-old on Friday the press conference of Westphalia his opinion about the game.

While the championship will not be decided in tomorrow's game, but Rose sees in a direct duel with the League Prius a game with a signal effect.

Around the acclaimed Personnel from top striker Erlang Haaland, the coach did not want to specify concluded. Nevertheless, probably the Startelfcomeback the Norwegian offing. Erlang himself knows his situation. He had a normal, good training week. We all know that we must be careful and could most likely for 90 minutes is not enough there, said Rose on the situation of its storm hope.

During the Norwegians can get involved in the game against Bayern defender Manuel Kanji is still questionable. The Swiss could not train during the week, according to Rose. This is possibly a precision landing, the soccer coach was worried. Also, Jew Bellingham was re-entered into training until Thursday, with him to Rose was more optimistic.

On the situation of the injured for some time organ hazard, Giovanni Reyna and Youssef Mouton nothing has changed, however.

The key messages from the PK for future reference:

+++ Rose about the importance of the victory against Wolfsburg +++

We know how we will be judged on what we are measured. This has noticed everyone that that was important.

+++ Rose on Haaland and Lewandowski +++

I think that they do not need to see each other because they know exactly how they got there and what they have done. We recognize the age difference. Of course, Erlang will continue to develop more games. Robert has been around for years on top level-up its doors. These are both key players who do not have to compare. And I will not compare either.

+++ Rose about the chance of failure Gimmick +++

Now you ask me about failures, after all we have to answer for. And none of our injuries have been incorporated into the evaluation of the results. And that is why Bavaria is that to handle. Of course Gimmick Gretzky is a great player, too. But I think that even Polish very good money it cost, and will hold the position well. Otherwise, it is not me at all, that Bavaria are happening at FC evaluate things.

+++ Rose about the chance against Bavaria +++

We look forward to the game, of course, we are also tense. Tomorrow we are not decided the championship, but it's a game with a signal effect. Now we were long unsuccessful and now tomorrow we have the chance., Directional Game morning the tension safely again rise.

+++ Rose about the match against Bayern plan +++

You need a very good day you have a very good structure with the ball, they developed a lot of goal threat from the think that it is important to put them under pressure Then you had your box so defend -... Against half field edges and penetrations to the baseline. One but they must also deal with the ball. Both Hans and Julian have a top team. It's just as intense against the ball. Where one can already detect differences, is in position game, but sure we are prepared.

+++ Rose a collusion with Haaland +++

The things could not exist yet. We do not need this. Erlang himself knows his situation. He had a normal, good week of training behind him. We all know that we must be careful and could most likely for 90 minutes were not enough there.

+++ Rose on Nobel as New successor +++

Gregor is an excellent goalkeeper who is very willing to learn and a great future ahead of it, if he stays healthy. He gives us now a great deal. I believe that he is working at the moment to improve his game with ball. It fun with the boy, in the end it is always safe to performance because Manuel Neuer still at the highest level, but he is not getting any younger.

+++ Rose on the formation +++

I have previously just said that we can almost draw from the full We lack even a few people. Hazard, Reyna, Mouton However, we have many variants Of course there is also the opportunity to play diamond.

+++ Rose about the game against FC Bayern +++

It's always exciting to play against Bayern, which also played in a good condition in the course of the season. We managed to stay Hearing. Now we have them in direct duel in our own stadium. There we want us Try to hurt you, with the knowledge that we need an absolute top performance.

+++ Rose about the viewer situation +++

That's bitter for us, we were looking forward to returning the fans piece for a piece. In this game that would have done us very well. Now it's not like that. We have to accept the situation as it is.

+++ Rose over the new possibilities +++

Basically, it is always good to have more players in the squad because we have a greater competition. We can finally get out of full and have the chance to look right now. But you also have to disappoint player. But we want to disappoint Also flexible and successful.

+++ Rose over the staff +++

Today is still a final training, in which we still have to look, what's going to go. Manuel Kanji has not trained little until at all, that may be a point landing. Jew yesterday has trained again yesterday, we are hopeful. Otherwise, there are no new ones Injuries but no players who came back.

+++ Let's go +++

The press conference in Dortmund starts punctually. Marco Rose is ready and gives the last info in front of the top game against Bayern.

+++ Does Haaland play from the beginning? +++

Personal questions were at BVB in recent weeks if the many injured a constant companion. And even before the Bayern game, an exciting question arises: Plays Erlang Haaland from the beginning or not? The Norwegian had given birthday last Saturday in Wolfsburg after surviving hip injury earlier than expected. Whether it's enough for 90 minutes, Rose will surely answer.

+++ is the BVB ripe for the championship +++

The services of the Dortmund fluctuate this season repeatedly. In the Champions League, the Brussels has already been divided into the preliminary round. Even in the Bundesliga, the BVB presented itself unstable, but drove straight in scarce in the styles of a top team frequently the three points.

Due to this starting position, the Rose-eleven could even overtake FC Bayern with a victory and take over the scepter in the title fight.


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