BVB President Rauball is careful about football and DFB

For BVB President Reinhard Randall, football has at the moment not the importance he deserves. In conversation with the newspapers of the funds Mediengruppe, Randall led his worries: If football stars show that they eat with gold-plated steaks, then get the whole thing into slides, in the sum, all this has led to significant criticism in football.

The lawyer, the Borussia Dortmund in the Bureau has been continuously leads since 2004, says: We have to counteract, that's a main task for all responsible. Randall, who is 75 years old on the first day of Christmas, also stressed: The accusation that the football takes a special role, I do not live up to.

Why do Borussia Dortmund Always Fall Short? | Neglecting Defence & a Big Disconnect The new beginning in the Bureau of the German Football Association (DFB) sees Randall critically. I'm also worried, especially around the DFB, he said, It must be the bid of the future to find solutions together.

You can not come through rumble and not the producing headlines, but by talking and working in the background, said Randall.

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