Banjo-Kazooie: Nintendo Switch Online gets another N64

Nintendo Switch Online is a paid online solution of Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, which gives various features for the console.

Nintendo Switch online subscribers can look forward to another highlight from the N64 era: In January, the classic Banjo-Kazooie comes with the bonus games in the lineup. For some time Nintendo has also been a N64 title on offer, but only if you buy the expansion package to the online subscription with this, which costs yet extra. Apparently, it now remains that every month a new N64 game comes to it.

N64 classic Banjo-Kazooie comes as a bonus game in the Switch online expansion package

That's why it's time: Nintendo Switch Online is the subscription service you need to pay extra if you want to play online for other people on the Nintendo Switch. For that you also get some bonus games as a driving input, for which you do not have to be sheep again, just as with PS plus. First, the only NEW title and SNES games, now there are also N64 titles — but only if you buy the more expensive expansion package for the online subscription.

That the N64 titles should not be included in the normal subscription, but again cost extra, many Nintendo players inside were not good at all:

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BANJO-KAZOOIE Next: Nintendo can choose from full to choose the Bonus Title for the Switch Online Extension and a cult classic after the other out of the hat. The N64 era is full of absolute milestones, which could now gradually come to the switch. In January, the Rare Platformer Banjo-Kazooie is the turn.

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What is Banjo-Kazoo? After Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie represents something like the blueprint of cool, funny and charming 3D platforms. Here, the skills of the two animal protagonists are combined, there are plenty to collect and to discover. The game moves all the registers, as far as Level design, Gameplay and Music is concerned — it has contributed significantly to the popularity of the developer studio RARE.

Every month a game? After in December today with Paper Mario a real RPG classic comes to the Ago and next month Banjo-Kazoo's turn, it looks hard as if there were a new N64 title every month in the Subscription service or its extension. That's not lush compared to the competition. Everything that has already been included in N64 classics, see you here:

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When is Banjo-Kazooie? Nintendo has not revealed a very close appointment yet. But since Paper Mario was added as December Driving to this December 10th, Banjo-Kazooia may also be on the first Friday of the month. That would be January 7, but of course, Monday, January 10, would be conceivable.

Which N64 titles do you still want the Switch online subscription?


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