Steam again beats records with simultaneous users

Steam always goes well, despite these difficult times. According to Steam DB via Twitter, the current number of simultaneous users is $27,384,959 million. It makes a lot of players.

This could be due, well, at the Black Friday and the current good deals. I certainly know that I received an e-mail with interesting offers on my Steam wish list. There are many good steam games and currently discounts. No wonder people come back or explore Steam offers they can get.

While the sale should last until 1 December 2021, it is possible that 27 million be the peak for November 2021. However, it is impressive because it beats the previous record of April 2021, where they had 26.9 million. Simultaneous users. But there is also a vacation sale in Steam that will take place in December 2021, which means that the number of simultaneous users could again beat records in an even shorter period of time.

There was a matter of an antitrust trial against valve earlier this year, but it seems that it did not break the steam step. Currently, the case has been more or less classified, STEAM is no longer or less affected by the case.

Although there may be contributing factors to the pandemic and staying at home, as well as the great autumn sale, it is difficult to say what is the main reason why people came to Steam. There again, Farming Simulator 22 being currently the bestseller on Steam, people may simply want to relieve stress, as with Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Again, Battlefield 2042 and Cyberpunk 2077 are also in the top three, so people may have liked to play the latest games for the long American weekend.

But in the end, it does not matter. As long as people have fun playing, it's the important part.


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