Skyrim veteran tricks the game and saves a dead-building

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A Skyrim player has managed to save lives a bandit, which should actually teach the player with his death an important lesson.

Skyrim: Player knows every secret

Skyrim BUT Is it possible to STOP Roggvir's Execution?  -  [Elder Scrolls Lore Secrets] The Eastern Hill grave is one of the first big dungeons in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Since the mains quest also sends you into the dark grave chamber, she has no surprises for veterans. The Reddit user Rholynselsig shows now how the game reacts to his knowledge.

A prominent puzzle in Skyrim consists of several stone panels that you have to arrange in the correct order. In the worst hill grave, it meets a bandit that demonstrates what happens if you meet the wrong choice. Normally, he is outlined by a hidden trap, and you can try your luck.

However, Rholynselgig wants to save the poor soul and solves the puzzle for him before it can only pull the lever. Now, however, the game does not know what to do with the vibrant bandit. After a few seconds full of embarrassing silence he decides to go to a noise in the corner of the chamber. Of course, he does not recognize the player who chews two meters in front of him.

Reddit clip excites the fans

The video has already reached Reddit more than 17,000 up votes. Above all, the reaction of the bandit to his wondrous rescue ensures amusement. Users Bluebeard writes that the game had actually foreseen the situation.

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So he had already saved the bandits themselves. Then he went to the next room and have examined there a chest. This time he seems to have some climbed.

Do you create the ultimate quiz?

A veteran knows Skyrim so well that he saves a to death sentenced bandits.


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