Phil Spencer regrets how to deal with the delay of Halo Infinite

While the start of Halo Infinite moves closer and Xbox fans today celebrate the 20th anniversary of the console and halo franchise today, Phil Spencer is in a thoughtful mood for his latest interviews. While the man himself has experienced many altitude flights in his career, in the last 20 years, especially one thing has disturbed Spencer — the delay of Halo Infinite.

The delay, the last summer took place the Xbox Series X | S without a large launch game — something that was criticized several times in the press, and the way this delay was announced left an acidic taste in Phil s mouth. I do not like how we did it, says Spencer in an interview with GQ. I do not like that we have shown the game and talked about that it will be released at the start of the consoles. And then we had moved it within a month.

We NEED To Talk About Halo Infinite's NEW Campaign Gameplay Reveal... And the delay itself? Well, that happened after the fans were less impressed during the GamePlay presentation in July, as the environments and enemies looked at the campaign. After a stony Xbox One Generation, it was clear that Microsoft Halo Infinite introduced as part of the company s comeback in the console sector.

Spencer and the rest of the Xbox team hoped that the game would be ready for the start to compete against the PlayStation 5 and their three blockbuster games Demon s Souls, Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Sack boy: A Big Adventure, but This hope was out of place.

We would have to know it before and honestly to ourselves, he says. The belief that Halo would come to the market in 2020 was not out of deception, but rather out... hope. And I do not think hope is a great development strategy.

Despite a less than outstanding start, Spencer announced in the interview with GQ that Microsoft has sold more than eight million Xbox Series X | S in the first year. And although there were no big exclusivity in 2020, 2021 psychopath 2 were released, which we have loved in our test, and Fora Horizon 5, which has exceeded more than six million players after only one week.

The return of the halo franchise is facing and Halo Infinite Season 1 for the multiplayer should appear this week before the release date of the campaign on 8 December. But with other upcoming Xbox Series X-Games and Exclusive Products, the future of the Xbox looks much more promising than for years — and we owe that Spencer to owe.


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