Otome sale to eat, eight titles recommended by pushing and pushing the dust [Special issue]

A fertile autumn................................................ I'm going to write an article on the summer sale feature during this time, but I'm going to get there soon, and the flow of time is sideways.

Well, I was familiar with STEAM seasonal sale Theme KOI Gore push special feature has been done. Let's lighter the weighted wallet before the coming winter sale with an Autumn Sale. Well, did you buy already? Do you already have a consumer version? If you buy it once, you should not buy it (Tango).

Title list

This theme is Eating Autumn Sale. In the fall of food, I chose with the brush's denomination and prejudice (Kooky) The works are here. Let's introduce you soon.

Cooking Simulator



SABENA Him of Earthen

Red Dead Redemption 2


The Forest


Cooking Simulator

In the autumn of cooking, I want to start with the place where I made. Some students who started living this year and new members of society may be more likely to think about the repertoire of self-cateringly. It is recommended for such a person, but this work of a cooking shim that actually moves his hand in a luxurious kitchen with various tools and ingredients. It starts from taking out the ingredients, and it will end to deliver the avant-garde art to the table I think that there is nothing to go to the right of this work in terms of play experience with one point with one point. No, it will be a shame if you follow the quantity and procedure. However, the delicate operation at that time and the systematic movement prepared in advance are often causes a uniform accident to make the kitchen catastrophe.... An author who learned cooking Aloha in this work has led to a time-short menu by a microwave and a rice cooker (Convulsive CHI).

Invade Counter Fight

Cooking autumn 2...... Recommended for this. It is originally famous as a VR game title, so you may have many people know. This work is an early access game for cooking action based on that VR. In the era of overlooking the era, we will move the character of a slight habit of the operability and will be busy to the order of customers coming one after another. By puzzling time well for the simultaneous progress sequence, the joy when you were arranged in the table. In this work where you can experience such an emotion, the cooking people who have been shorts were thrown, and they are rather likely to get along with the air, and sometimes they have become You will be able to learn with.

Moon glow Bay

Play autumn. The above two were destructive gods of kitchen, but This is a title with a strong color tone. This work has a flying action RPG that a hero who vowed to recurrence with his died partner to the chest is a fishing action RPG. It is a basic flow to catch fish and cook, and the stylish graphics expressed in voxel art and gentle BGM are given a pleasant play experience. Personally I'm a mini-game design cooking system. Take out the ingredients from the refrigerator, and the cooking is completed without destruction by operating the various cooking instruments. The good-looking tempo is very fun. Fishing itself is also a collection of fishery fish, and there is a collection factor that will be filled with a picture book, and there is a collection factor that will fill in the fish you caught in a picture book.

Dual Cultivation Chapter 851-900

Banana Him of Earthen

Autumn of fertility. This work with excellent award at the Japanese Game Grand Prize 2021. In the sense of handling the ingredients itself, this stylish agricultural action can not be removed. Instead of defeating the enemy, is a novel level up method of raising rice and strengthening, and it is a big attraction that the rice cultivation system is created so much that the rice cultivation system does not allow others. Adjust compost and water to raise the rice, and everyone, everyone, enjoy the pleasure to get the evening, and also be a pleasure to think about the menu, and also enjoy the fun (while arranging Diego). It is good to have a feeling of feeling in I will give you, to play. Thanks to that, the farmers will down to the farmers, and you will get a more sadistic emotion than for pests and pests. Vegetable thief? Please stand out there It will end soon (continuous fishing in the neck).

Red Dead Redemption 2

Autumn of appetite. In the case of this work, more than the game itself, The figure of the player's anterior character is delicious. Picking up the meat of the animal roasted with a bonfire, the fruits obtained in the way are scolded with one hand, and the trees are struggled in the bar. Because the main game system is a thoroughly made work, you will be able to get a sense of immersive with one part of the meal. Especially at dusk camps, the meals to be in front of the firewood were played while playing. In addition, there was also a pleasant excitement that chasing prey quietly in severe large nature, such as winter parts at the beginning of the game.


Hunting autumn. Hunting! So let's introduce the hunting part from the previous RDR2 to hook. I am sorry for personal stories, but when I burned the meat that was peeled off the meat from the herbivory dragon aprons at the first MH of PS2 I played for the first time, I got a sense of eating to live though it was a game It was an impact. Such meat-grilled elements exist through series, but as the times progress, the system is convenient, and it may be an element left as a tradition. Instead, cooking itself has become an important role in preparation before the quest. However, it is simply combined with ingredients to combine the effectiveness...... It does not end with...... Dietary production is a powerful cooking by the cook, and the hunter flows in the movie in the movie Good place for this series. It may be good to compare between several titles with some worldviews of the series seen from the cuisine here.

The Forest

Autumn of survival. Even hunting! People The character of Xiaomi is different. The protagonist survived from the crash of the passenger aircraft is to look for his son who was taken up on the mystery island. For that purpose, he had to find clues with depressed forests and dark caves, and there was a horrible diatoms there. Among the attraction of this work, we can say a large element with a large factor with all the severe situation survival and all materials that can be obtained around. In addition, the tension is also good to be able to hunt animals to survive and eat animals, and to be able to keep yourself as a side to be hunted at the same time. In such an extreme condition, if you drop a line of sight to a habit of the hand, The ethics of the modern society is not useful........

Man eater

Fall of predation. Hunting people hunting (straight ball)! Because it is a shark... there is no need to muddy the words. Let's taste humans who are swimming recently in the resort. Of course, it is not only the human side, but it will be eaten, but also the battle, and there are many other organisms in the sea, so you can feel the food chain and weak meat covenant. Genres: Sharks, I think it's a net age, and an open world with a refreshing action and a crafted graphic is attractive. The shark evolution element is also the same, and the shark manipulates from the player does not mean invincible existence, and the early stages will lose to other sharks and other sharks. Such a honeybee body is gradually large, strong, a violent looking at the quest, and it's a very fresh fun to evolve until a special attack such as lightning is also possible. Was.

in conclusion

This feature has introduced various titles in the fall of food. Here, I tried to wear a coloring autumn, eating, eating, eating, eating, and eating. To do.

Anyway, food itself is the main game, as well as a game that is not a work that is not likely to be a strong impression that a rich made around the diet is strongly impressed. In that sense, I personally like Red Dead Redemption 2. While playing Jerky and Corn Beef to eat Moso, it was a strange impact.

Everyone, This title food was good! And I can not remove this work! If there is a game, I would appreciate that you will write in the comments box.


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