Nexon Collaboration Received DJ Max, now focus on new DLC

Took place this past October 28, PC best rhythm games blockbusters established itself as one by DJ Max Respect of collaboration between the V and the Nixon game. If anyone recognizes the combination of rhythm gamers Rocky Neo wiz studio remix music capabilities and popular Nixon game BGM left a lot of masterpieces that had Blowing a lot of gamers, the results were also exploding. Some users are also not enough was enough, we want to say as soon as you have released the subsequent expansions' day with 21 songs on Nixon pack.

Perhaps only one of the 21 selected for a number of Nixon Game music filled with memories of 20 to 30 players would have been hard work, Neo wiz and Nixon side as well. Naturally, I wanted the fans to enjoy more music, high voices, which require a follow-up content. Mecca Games is a collection of these curious DJ Max Respect was interviewed and baekseungcheol (BETTER) PD.

Q. Please introduce yourself briefly

baekseungcheol PD (more than one hundred): Hi. I called baekseungcheol (BETTER) in charge of the DJ Max Respect PD. .

Q. Nixon pack'm gaining a lot of popularity among users, I hope haejusyeot a word about this comment

bag was somehow surprised as you for collaboration with Nixon games acclaimed in the music side but is expected to be a lot of interest, like Please get more attention than we think. We are also delighted with.

Q. DJ Max has been Ito bar popular with DLC containing the music rhythm games such as Charters pack or packs between Des Moines. However, the expansion pack containing the game's OST will emerge That's quite a surprise. I was wondering the occasion of this collaboration

bag collaborated DLC types are not a bar, but there are already more music like League of Legends POP / STARS and Get Jinxed, do not think that much different from the corresponding packs. However, it had also discussed the progress I'm also a little saekdareul is not certain that the IP collaboration with the developer, one of the two first games of Nixon and IP collaboration. But the music of the Nixon game was in progress in the direction of recorded music was judged Having to work with a great quality in many games, so little desire to take greater variety of games.

Q. Nixon Game OST handed the law Seoul struggle as a fairly large selection, did the main song in this screening criteria have seen.?

bags are each IP music takes various constraints, such as a contractual relationship. Was provided a list of music and music recommendations is available from the first side to Nixon's why. We had the mind that I could get into the music of a variety of games that in this list, so he held some coordination process earlier in the song selection.

Q. I think it has not been an easy task with the music that remixes the DJ Max style gained popularity in the country, is done you pay no points in this Nixon pack remix work?

bag This fact was quite common burden. Because there was also concern that part of the original and wonk great many popular songs, sikijineun would undermine the good memories of the music that gamers are liable to have. But when it recorded the original song without remix work on the game as it can reduce the user who feel the fun, you can come out further bad feedback. So in remix work it has been prepared carefully, noting that part.

Q. The OST is a public'm wondering whether this Nixon pack to be released as a series among some users as many questions of the PD's think about it

bag If the sequel can only come, I think, basically, is a collaboration Come not mean they want made our side. In this part, but Feeling that require further discussion, but I would like to have a short period of time would hard.

[NEXON DLC Preview] Kartrider, Crazyarcade, Bubblefighter Main theme ~CHUCK Remix~

Nixon Pack DLC, but obviously been very popular, DJ Max Respect V has run gauge breath naenoteumyeo numerous expansion packs after launch until now. In addition, reportedly revealed through the official YouTube in September next year, as well as do enough to schedule some held until 2023, it seems to have passed down to the hard work of the developers here. So the game is officially released in the steam now flows about two years, I also looked into the question, and the expansion will be released soon.

Q. Officially launched and had a lot of ups and downs so far. If the driving force behind the DJ Max out so many DLC could provide content for gamers?

bag Maybe because I want to feel somehow like a lot of people. Here to add your business to the little parts to sleep, even with the volume coming out of compliance it seems to be the driving force that can steadily roll out new DLC. Although sales volume sales, it is like you in the heart of leaving it to take the DLC making each one carefully developers are well communicated to the fans feel.

Q. Do you personally DLC most memorable in the development process?

bag one by one, looking straight ahead to come up money DLC is worth talking namneundago specifically remember. I'm everything valuable. But I have a feeling dare talk In terms plugged into one, basing wanted a more dramatic for the past four DMP3 (MAX Portable 3 Pack), released March, export, etc. pushed for several reasons. Listen to this part a little unfortunate heart.

Q. It This could this new DLC will ppaegokhi deuleocha until next year, but collaboration is also seeming to have high expectations, especially for V Extension 2, 3. If you submitted a word to the user to wait for that work?

bag I would like first like to say that I'm sorry Sucking heads waiting so long. But this has a V Extension 2, 3 (DLC DJ Max is filled with original songs) songs ready to spend quite a few years ago devotion. V Extension 2, I think I'd enjoy fun and please you going to be released early next year.

Q. DLC is also good to be continually adding there are many users who like the music of the early memories. But I'm most difficulty are the low-priced gotta pity the user, so I wonder what you think about hasineunji

bag Difficulty Low songs are original pieces, most arrangements are simple and fast, but not the tempo. So when the produce hoop aim DeJoy forced to put into the so-called interference pattern. Some music there are many such songs. For this issue, I think you need to find an idea differently, let a little more worried.

Q. Mouse support, or color weakness mode, the positioning plate, there are many voices demanding the difficulty of judging good and convenient light patches. Sept. am bar who said that the patch at a time from the stream, do you know the approximate time?

bags and users who are part of who we are and what our discomfort also. Yet specific schedule but my spare time I am ready to come out. Ease of relevant information are you going to be updated soon, I think I'd wait.

Q. I finally asked to DJ Max fans who shout

bag I do not forget those who continue loving fans alike submitted to DJ Max. DJ Max has been growing steadily, we will show a nicer look forward. Thank you.


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