New games for the C64: freshly baked for the bread box + video

Bread as well as circuses (or bread as well as games; from Latin: panem et circenses) is a metonymic phrase describing surface appeasement. It is credited to Juvenal, a Roman poet active in the late initial and early 2nd century advertisement-- and is utilized typically in cultural, particularly political, contexts. In a political context, the phrase indicates to generate public approval, not by quality in civil service or public plan, but by diversion, interruption or by pleasing one of the most instant or base needs of a people-- by providing a palliative: as an example food (bread) or entertainment (circuses). Juvenal, that created the expression, used it to decry the selfishness of typical individuals as well as their overlook of bigger issues. The phrase indicates a population s erosion or lack of knowledge of public duty as a priority.

If you seriously believe one day that you look at ten years younger than the same age, then you are old. Right old. I m so old that as a child I had a Dodo as a pet. Meanwhile, Mother Nature threatens me with the extinction. Because the thoughts often endure only with Galgenhumor, I regret as a glowing Atari-2600 and Commodore 64 worshipers in pubs occasionally please 8 bits! And keep me very funny and original. That raises the grave age something.

Cheap and with better liver values ​​I come from it if I suffer from my C64 to revel with International Soccer, The Great Giana Sisters or Katakis in Nostalgia. For a long time, I thought it was no horny form of time travel. Until I came into contact with the homebrew scene. She knew me a better by serving my self-built.

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THEC64 Tip: How to Fix Non-Loading Games/Demo's & STAR WARS 2. Page 2 freshly baked for the bread box - the best 20 new games for the C64 1. 2.1 Clow here the top 20 of the best new C64 games in the gallery 3rd page 3 picture gallery too New games for the C64: freshly baked for the bread box...

Most recently, the Commodore 64 was my DELOREAN and the game SOULST 2: The Armour of Gods of the Flux Compensator published only at the beginning of September. But I have previously been around the 50 titles of the vintages 2020 / 21Daddle, spoken with developers and openly opened old-skeptic packages. Now I know why it makes so much pleasure to gamble new games on an antique. More on that later.

With the Protovision HomeComputer GmbH also offers a German company fresh meat for the ancient calculator, the fans lovingly call bread box. Customers can download so-called Disk Images at the Berliner company for small money (from 4.99 euros). For example, running in a PC program such as Vice (Veratile Commodore Emulator) or on the ThEC64 console published in 2019. The data can also be used on 5¼-duty floppy disks. Even if the homebrew market does not stop financially yet, I am satisfied. We had just the 10,000th order since 2013. Jakob Voos, spokesman for Protovision GmbH Berlin Source: Protovision homeComputer GmbH On the other hand, the games from 30 euros in high-quality packaging, with neat instructions and lousy extras. Surprisingly, our physical versions sell better than the downloads, and not just collectors, reveal IT product manager Tim Jakob Chen-Voos (42), the speaker of Protovision. The box and the gimmicks give a total experience. Unpack a box and enjoy the details, remains stronger when just starting a game.

Players love gimmicks. The pack of the Shoot EM UPS Soul Force is, for example, a small spaceship kit (right next to the white module Source: PC Games According to Jakob Voos, about 30 appreciable games for the 64 kilobyte machine from Commodore appear annually. Ten are professionally expelled, The others only online and not infrequently free - just as the best of 2020 and 2021 in my picture gallery Top 10 of the Free Games. HomeBrew works arise through love and passion. Really a lot of coal make neither Publishers nor developers, even if they do theirs Babies fly for full price. I mean it makes sense to spice new C64 titles with modern comfort functions, in my case, for example with the stealth mechanics and a continuous memory function. Leave Öörnie, developer of MW Ultra Source: PC Games

The sales figures fluctuate between a double-digit number to a few hundred pieces, says Achim Volkers. The teacher from Bielefeld has rediscovered the calculator of his youth ten years ago. Since then he programs new games. For example, The Isle of the Cursed Prophet, which has made it to my top 10. The statutory minimum wage is never reached, ifever, he kids. I can invite my girlfriend to dinner again. The Bielefeld Achim Volkers is currently working on a Jump & Run called the Wild Wood. The first graphics are promising. Source: PC Games

Back to Protovision: The Shoot EM UPS Galencia and Soul Force has ever sold the publisher 700 times. The record holds Sam s Journey, a Jump & Run of 2017. My reason believes that barely one of the 3,000 players has regretted the purchase. For me, the title designed by the German Chester Kollsche feels like a 10 out of 10. I hold him for one of the best C64 games of history, maybe even for the number 1. I impress me above all the variety of varied and the bright-colored look.

Incidentally, the C64 does not understand the C64 as retrore calculator. For me he is not nostalgia, but a computer that made it with fug and right into the modern age, says Jakob Voos. But not, because you can do everything as well as with a PC, but some better. As a nostalgic, I can only understand that only partially. With a computer from 1982, however, at least the CDU party center is in terms of digitization for years ahead. Why homeowners (top left on the stairs) in Action Adventure The Isle of the Cursed Prophet Wear Black Sado Maso Masks? I still puzzle. It is not even straw on the floor. Source: PC Games When Jakob voos starts right, fly sparks of enthusiasm:

A C64 does not make anger. I never have problems with drivers. He only needs a second to start. There is no surprises and whims, it works simply. Players today usually have modulus versions. They have as good as no Charging times. Who uses a true Commodore with monitor or TV never annoys about LAGS. There is no input delay, no output lags and no background processes that lead to sudden jerking. That s why a CEVI is perfect for games that are perfect for games benefit to an accurate examples. Typical examples are Jump & Runs and Shooters. So we set a more complex modern world that suffers from online updateritis, opposing a system that is puffing only with uncomplicated and speed in operation. For the Commodore 64 the measure of all things: Sam s Journey moves at the level of current PC games. For Jump & Run Fan, it is a compulsory program in the truest sense of the word. Source: PC Games Manche 64er apostles pay 1,000 euros and more for a SuperCPU, which is rarely on the used market. It exists say and write exactly a commercial game, which was specially developed for this turbocard: Metal Dust, a Shoot em up from 2005. Otherwise, the C64 also browsers, WiFi / Ethernet cards, layout programs, a four- Player interface and much more. The Shoot Em Up Metal Dust is the only commercial game that has been specially developed for the C64 SuperCPU. Source: PC Games Currently, Protavision develops a gamepad. This controller, which is likely to surprise old readers now, not only has a huge, single red fire button, but over eight. Some new CEVI games support several buttons. Otherwise, that would be for the buttocks.

If children have lost in these articles and want to maul them because of the graphic on the screenshots, I give to consideration: You should buy 250,000 C64 computers to get to the memory of a current smartphone. That s why I expect something respect for the developers. Otherwise, it goes off to the silent stairs!



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