Magic in Elden Ring offers the spectacle I always wanted

Souls significantly refers to a collection of Action-RPG computer game created by the Japanese Workshop fromSoftware, called Heart Series. Created by Hid eta Miyazaki, it starts with the launch of Devil's Souls in 2009, followed by that of Dark Souls in 2011 and also its suites Dark Souls II (2014) and also Dark Souls III (2016). A remastered version of Dark Souls is published in 2018, along with a remake of Satanic force's Souls in 2020. The collection is recognized to be fairly challenging. Various other Four software video games like Blood borne, Senior: Shadows Pass Away Two Times, or the Future Elder Ring, share a variety of ideas with the series.

Elder ring has for days ruined my sleep schedule, while the action RPG is not even appeared developer From Software. During the network test, which was limited to 15 hours of play, I even got up at 4 am and was defeated with all three characters all 10 bosses. And I was surprised that I had for the first time in a Souls game to magic. Not only this sent the bosses with a few spells problems in the dust, but finally also felt really nice mightily.

Power is not the same Power Fantasy

One or the other Souls veteran will be trying to tell me in the comments that magic in Dark Souls has always been very strong. I agree completely.

Magic has long been regarded as the unofficial Easy mode of the game series. Fall dragons felt after three lightning bolts, Pyromania trivialized even strong undead as Black Knight, and even the start-soul arrows bring resourceful magician through half a game. But strong spell does not feel necessarily always mightily.

My favorite example of a game in which magic feels incredibly good, Cap com's Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. From the first ball of fire, entire landscapes devastating tornadoes or writhing icicles opponents meters high tear into the air and impaled there. Each spell is full of power, which is not only the damage but also the results' feedback, finds animation and sound. The Dark Souls series lacks this in my opinion.

Tab spell wuchtiger combat

Even the strongest magic as the sunlight Peer, the great chaos fireball or gods anger do not look very spectacular and are usually a variation of blue projectiles, fireballs or lightning. When sound it does not look better.

Even respectable spells like Soul stream be only a small Whoosh noise, before they fizzle out into nothingness. Do it their purpose? Yes, but unfortunately without really leave a lasting impression.

Elder Ring Dark Souls 3

Melee It is possible! Especially pity I find this situation because From Soft has the melee almost perfect in this respect. Whether for small blades or huge lobes. You can feel every hit, opponents back away and at every blow the sound blaring of himself bending metal from the speakers. This feat must still also be possible magic!

ALL SPELLS in Elden Ring: Complete Guide to all Magic Spells, Glintstone Sorcery and Incantations

Dragon heads and arrow storm

Even the trailers for Elder ring have pulled me directly thanks to the new magic in their spell. A dragon's head that appears in front of me and with teeth bared my opponents a sea of ​​flames hurling. Magic arrow volleys that fall like hail from sworn storm clouds from the sky.

As for animation, From soft place after immense. Thanks to a powerful sound design now Soul stream more reminiscent of a powerful Kamehameha, as a jet of water from a leaky garden hose. So I was very curious to see what waits in the network test on me.

I was not disappointed. Especially the wonders score with great animation. With Really roar her summon a dragon's head, almost bigger than your character, which all damages enemies with a scream around you. It shakes not only your controller through, but the same screen and opponents who tumbling helplessly through the area.

With beast claws it tears the earth equal to all, while the magic bullets such as shark fins plow through the earth, thereby tearing whole groups of enemies off their feet. But my favorite was Meteor. You summon a dark storm of purple rocks that rain down on your enemies. These are overturned, mud splashes when struck by the air.

While there is again the usual blue bullets, but the first time I feel the attention to detail in Proverbs that they deserve. And what we have seen in the network test, only a small part of the magic arsenal was the role-play.

In order to really want to play Elder ring brings me the first time to a magician, because the power of imagination is reflected not only in the rapid demise of the opponent, but I plow as Gandalf through the spawns of hell. Therefore, I hang only too happy my great sword to the nail.


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