HSV: only mediocrity

After all, the protagonists had to do not have to renew 1: 1 this weekend, the already eighth dot division of the HSV in this still young season. In Karlsruhe not only the result meant a (another) damper, this time it was also a complete lecture that brings this realization: an ascent candidate is not the former Bundesliga Dino in his fourth second league year.

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Effect: This time the 1: 1 feels happy for us

Tim Walter also summons the right way and the development after returning to his home. But has long been the question: where will this really be visible? The center-back talent Jonas David, which was conveyed by the coach, is unquestionably belonging to the pattern example of the Walter proclaimed path, wins more and more stability after interim setbacks. Exemplary for the entire HSV, the 21-year-old is not. Already in the past few weeks, the opponents have been able to decrypt the Walter style oriented on dominance and flexibility, the KSC managed to start Saturday night from the beginning, and Jonas Effect is fully correct: This time the 1: 1 feels 1: 1 Happy for us, we had too many ball losses in the first half, were sleepy. And they fell into the usual patterns in the second passage, let the necessary consequence miss in the last third. Effect: We are crushed because we are not up again.

The fact that the HSV expressed the next opportunity to attack the top group and has already given away the tenth point after a guided tour: the development of Walter again and again developed development does not or at least insufficiently take place. And that is also due to lack of quality in the once again re-assembled squad. Walter s problems, in his 4-3-3 system to find two more eighth, who are wearing the Hamburg game forward, are characteristic: David Insomnia got the chance after several weeks of bank break and let them pass as Ludovic rice. The Netherlands borrowed from FC Barcelona to the VFL Osnabrück on the VFL Osnabrück becomes something of the symbol of the transfer policy of the Hans eaten: young and developing should be the new ones according to the failed pillar model in the previous year, but so far they suggest too little potential.

Only the self-plants David and Alison are daft as a hope

Karlsruher SC - Hamburger SV 1-1 Highlights This does not only apply to rice, but also for left-back Miro Mülheim from St. Gallen, as well as for Copenhagen loan Mikkel Kaufmann. At the hope of the hope, Fa ride Alison is located next to David. Persistently, the two self-plants in the summer were candidates for a lending or a farewell, especially Walter has seen potentials in them. And they have so far further brought than the rest of the squad.

Never more 1. League, HSV, The Karlsruhe followers had hedged Always 1st League, HSV on the right to the former gas hill of Hamburg fans. Walter says with bitter sacrificial expression, it was but beautiful, that as HSV we are still such an incentive that we will be so rated. Then we still pull a bit in the stranger. In fact, the levels suggests size, which results from the past. In the present is the HSV currently placed right there, where it belongs to current performance: in the upscale mediocrity of the 2nd league.


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