Halo Infinite will not have a cooperative campaign on its departure

We will have to wait several months after the release of Halo Infinite to take advantage of its cooperative campaign. Through an interview with Euro gamer, Joseph Staten, creative director of 343 Industries, said the decision to extend the season 1 of Halo Infinite until May 2022 would affect the rest. Therefore, the world of Forge, but also the possibility of campaigning with others, will be delayed compared to what is initially planned. With the launch of the beta of the multiplayer mode online long before the official launch of the game scheduled for on December 8, it will completely change the entire calendar. The battle pass for season 1 is now available, and its progress will be maintained even once the game is officially available.

Previously, 343 Industries had declared that it Cooperative Campaign would be available as soon during season 2. This corresponds, therefore, to six months after the official launch date. STATEN also commented on these postponements: If it turns out that our progression system is not working as we expected, if we have to advance certain fundamental elements before, then we will take these team decisions, and we will clearly contact our fans as to why we are doing certain things.

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Bad News For Halo Infinite | No Campaign Co-op or Forge at Launch

Now that we are aware, we will have to wait with patience, since we are talking about May 2022 so that every mode that were announced if you do not want to do the campaign of the long-awaited Halo Infinite. For others, you can give yourself at your whim from December 8 and enjoy the Adventure of the Master Chief that we have been waiting for so long. It will be necessary to see if they do not delay and speak firmly of one of the best games of all year (with a clear permission of Elder Ring).

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