Gucci presents a personalized package of Xbox Series X that costs $ 10,000

Luxury fashion brand Gucci will soon sell 100 packages from Xbox Series X with an Xbox Series X Custom and laser engraved, two Xbox wireless drivers, a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and rigid transport of Gucci and Xbox brands. The limited package series will be launched on November 17 at select Gucci stores from around the world, but if you have been looking to find an Xbox Series X generic in stock, maybe give it a pass, since the package will be sold for $10,000.

The collaboration consists of 100 numbered games, each composed of a laser Xbox series Xbox console with the GG pattern, two wireless controllers with the web band, supplemented with a rigid case inspired by Gucci s file luggage, Describe Gucci of collaboration. Read partly. In the lower part of the box are the words good game, a motto that recalls the happy coincidence that GG represents the characteristic motive of the decorative vocabulary of Gucci (the initials of the founder of the house, Gucci Gucci), but Also as the acronym of this formula. Sports for the players as a way to say goodbye at the end of the multiplayer competitions online «.

Gucci has a couple of official pages for more information about collaboration, but you can also see how the various elements of the package are seen in the official images below:

Diese Games landen 2021 im Xbox Game Pass!

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As mentioned above, the Xbox Series X Gucci assemblies with several additions with the Gucci theme, known as the Xbox by Gucci package, will go on sale on November 17 at Select Stores alone in Beijing, Berlin, Beverly Hills, London. Mexico City, Milan, New York and Tokyo. The price tag attached to the package is $10,000. The Xbox Series X itself is traditionally available wherever such things are sold for $499, assuming I can find it in stock. You can check all our previous Xbox coverage in general here.

What do you think of Gucci s luxurious Xbox Series X? Is this the kind of collaboration with Xbox that you would like to see more or less? Let us know in the comments or do not hesitate to contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to the games.


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