Grow: Song of the Everee Social Management Guide

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Grow: Song of the Evade has many things that happen at the same time to keep you busy and create a fascinating game loop. In addition to growing your own floating worlds, there is a cities management system in which you can deepen. This system is divided into two parts, the construction of your city and the management of the different NPCs that come to live there. However, as any player knows, the NPCs tend to be a demanding group and, sometimes, it can be difficult to get along with them.

Complete requests | Grow: Song of the Evade

Once you start to see NPC in your city, you will notice that you quickly begin to make demands. Fortunately, most of these demands can be handled easily, since they will not ask you to fight against any dragon. The NPCs mainly express their wishes, like a house in which to live when they arrive for the first time and a good place to work. The most difficult requests are those that appear once they are installed.

Rapid Council: You can fly quickly to your seeds by pressing M in your city. You can fly from one side to the other as many times as necessary to obtain the necessary mission elements. Also, remember that you can verify the missions in your book by pressing B at any time.

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The NPCs will ask you to find items like fruits, and you will give you clothing to change your appearance. Sometimes, these will be simple things that you have in your inventory, as a new type of haircut, while others will want to request an item as pants with which it has not yet crossed. Of course, if you request an article you do not want us to use, you can simply give them another one to do it later.

Complete missions will also reward you with items. The reward can be a new accessory or even a wallpaper to decorate your city. From time to time, the NPCs in history will also call you to perform special missions or cut scenes.

NPC jobs | Grow: Song of the Evade

In addition, the NPC will have a preferred job and will work better when they are placed there. You can check the dream work of each NPC by consulting your profile. You will want to match the NPCs with the work of your dreams as quickly as possible and interact with them daily to raise your star level. Some NPC history will require special jobs; If you have a NPC that is already in the position, simply go to the administration system and press the Delete button to delete it.

increase in happiness | Grow: Song of the Evade

You want to keep your city happy; To do this, you will need to interact with the stone in the middle of your district. This stone will tell you what you should do to achieve 100% happiness. Usually, there are several tasks to complete, such as having a certain number of houses, decorations and unique buildings.

Festivals | Grow: Song of the Evade

The city will have festivals that will allow you to win coupons when you complete missions. Take advantage of these days as they will allow you to redeem the coupons in the festival site. These elements are difficult to get and can help you get access to chests with rare elements in them.

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