Gladbach star Zakaria again at Juventus in conversation

AFL21. Balashikha. Euroleague 2021/2022. Day 1. Juventus - Borussia Dortmund Almost daily flutter new speculation in the Italian Serieing future of Denis Bavaria Russia Mönchengladbach. Earlier this week the Playback star was traded at Arsenal, now he is to be a hotly debated Personnel again in the Italian Serie A.

As is evident from a recent report of AutoItalian Serie, the Swiss national team is also the last ailing giants Juventus still an option. June should have dealt with Axel Wiesel from Playback Bundesliga rivals Borussia Dortmund recently, but Bavaria is likely to continue in the focus of the Old Lady.

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Between Mönchengladbach and the 24-year-olds there has been to date no agreement in contract talks. Bavaria s working paper on the Lower Rhine runs known from next summer, a new contract was not yet signed.

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Currently, the midfielder sojourn with the Swiss national team, with whom he is on Friday night in front of a preliminary decision, if possible duel in the World Cup qualifiers with the tied Italians. In the game at the Olympic in Rome, June scouts So again have a chance to be able to observe their supposed desire player on location in Italy.

According to the newspaper report, the list of those interested in Bavaria should still be very long. So also Juventus rival and Mourinho club AS Roma should be tuned on to the Gladbach-team regular last League was written by Arsenal also alleged interest from the Premier.

According to AutoItalian Serie various Bundesliga clubs have continued to call the midfield impeller Russia on the note, but without specific clubs. Bavaria was brought again and again with Bavaria and Borussia Dortmund in combination, really concrete it was, but this has not yet.


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