FIFA 22: Title Update 3 wants to prevent your defense from

InFIFA 22 projects to the new Title Update 3rd We show you what is in the new patch.

When will the new update? As the FIFA Direct Communication Channel via Twitter announced is the new Title Update 3 appear soon for PC. Usually the patch always comes later in the day as soon as a message was posted on Twitter.

On the console you will, however, still have to wait. For PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S the patch later always appears a few days usually. That was also the last update of the case.

What is in the new patch, we show you here.

This changes with Title Update 3 in FIFA 22 - Patch Notes

changes in gameplay: This time the update fails not quite as comprehensive, yet there are some points that should be improved. Among other problems are solved:

For the defenders, there was the situation loudly patch notes that the defensive series could be based on players with Player Lock and those followed. This meant that the defensive possibly went too far in their own half. This problem players had already noted more often - but without the link to Player Lock. Whether the problem is completely resolved remains to be seen. There is rotated to the referees. Could mistakenly decide to no foul when a goalkeeper has cleared the ball carrier. This has been fixed. In addition, the referees could benefit situations abpfeifen that you wanted to actually go through. There was stability problems in the second half, which will also be corrected. Goalkeeper could jump too far forward when they dived for a ball. In addition, the ball could be moved in rare situations when kick, without the game for both sides continued. Tips on free kicks there the way here.

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The changes in the modes: In the modes career and Volta there are a few changes. This time Ultimate Team comes even without changes.

All changes, please EA (via FIFA Forum), here we show you the most important:

Career mode

If you change the club in the player career with a value of over 86, you land immediately in the starting XI. Progress in Career Mode could be lost between sessions, depending on how the mode was terminated. When ending the career mode, the pop-up window has been updated to store so that now Save and Exit is displayed as the first option, so players can choose their storage level manually.


FIFA 22 - 5 BEST DEFENDING TIPS TO INSTANTLY IMPROVE & CONCEDE LESS GOALS [TUTORIAL] In Volta two new games for Volta Arcade mode to add. What it is doing, EA not yet revealed. They should be available only after a server update. In addition, a shortcut has been added, can be erased with the all used in the skill tree skill points. A tone sounds, now out when someone new takes the lead in Volta Arcade. Errors were corrected.

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What do you think of the new update? Are there any mistakes that would see corrected you prefer? Tell us in the comments!

Otherwise can you in FIFA 22 just release a new SBC for a hero card. But the Hero upgrade SBC is a big risk.


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