David Chase Wants To Do One More Sopranos Film, HBO Max Wants Another Collection

‘Sopranos’ creator David Chase finally reveals death scene for Tony | New York Post Sopranos creator David Chase has actually revealed in a new meeting that it might be a while before we locate out what s next for the franchise business, complying with the prequel flick The Lots of Saints of Newark. Consulting with The Hollywood Reporter, it seems like Chase wants to do another flick yet WarnerMedia as well as HBO want him to do one more series.

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Chase claimed he is not that anxious to do an additional series, and also claims the stress for that over an additional film is due to the fact that the flick really did not succeed in theaters. (He additionally noted that the flick damaged the equipment on streaming and was huge. ) The Sopranos author, supervisor, as well as manufacturer said he currently has a suggestion for a motion picture in mind, yet really did not disclose any type of details. He did disclose that it s been made recognized to him that they want me to do another collection of Sopranos from the time the motion picture finishes till the moment the [original] collection begins.

The Many Saints of Newark was released on October 1, and features James Gandolfini s boy Michael tackling the mantle of playing a more youthful Tony Soprano. Reviews were pretty divided on the film, which is partially planned to describe how Tony wound up pursuing life as a mafia family employer.

Chase s remarks resemble recent remarks made by WarnerMedia manager Ann Sarnoff, who stated in a meeting that they were thrilled with the Sopranos film which discussions have begun about a brand-new collection. The Lots Of Saints of Newark produced a modest $11.4 million around the world at the box office, but Sarnoff said you can t determine just by the box workplace, acknowledging that the film-- if absolutely nothing else-- has revitalized the Sopranos brand name.


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