Below are all the Golden Joystick Awards 2021 victors

All set to discover who this year's Golden Joystick Awards 2021 victors are?

The program, which occurred on Tuesday, November 23, is a computer game tradition, recognizing the skill throughout the industry that develops experiences that petrify and improve, with the awards chosen by public vote. This year though, we likewise had two extra special groups to memorialize 50 years of gaming: Ideal Video gaming Equipment of All Time and Ultimate Game of All Time.

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We got countless ballots, with gamers appearing in their droves to help crown the video games they liked one of the most over the past year, and also in that respect, Resident Evil Village gets in the evening's clear champions, choosing up 4 Golden Joysticks in total.

When it pertains to those two unique categories though, we had some limited races — with barely a percentage point in it — but we assume you'll agree we discovered some worthwhile victors in the PC for Ideal PC Gaming Equipment of All Time as well as Dark Souls for Ultimate Game of All Time.

Here is the full listing of everything that won at tonight's Golden Joystick Awards.

Golden Joystick Award Champions 2021

Ideal Narration — Life is Strange: True Colors. Ideal Multiplayer Game — It Takes 2. The Finest Audio — Citizen Evil: Town. The Finest Visual Design — Ratchet as well as Clank: Break Apart. Best Game Expansion — Ghost of Sushi: Ski Island Growth. Mobile Game of the Year — Organization of Legends: Wild Break. Best Gaming Equipment — PS5. Ideal Indie Game — Fatality's Door. Workshop of the Year — Cap com. The Finest Entertainer — Maggie Robertson (Girl Dimitrescu). Innovation Honor — House marque. Ideal Game Community — Last Fantasy 14. Still Playing Award — Last Dream 14. computer Game of the Year — Gunman 3. Nintendo Game of the Year — Metro id Dread. Xbox Game of the Year — Psychopath 2. PlayStation Game of the Year — Resident Evil Village. Many Desired Game — Elder Ring. Critics Option Honor — Death loop. Ultimate Game of the Year — Resident Evil Village. Ultimate Equipment of All Time — COMPUTER. Ultimate Game of Perpetuity — Dark Spirits.

Golden Joystick Awards 2021

As well as right here's the minute when Dark Souls won the desired Ultimate Game of All Time honor.


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