Battlefield 2042 gets on metacritious reviews - tests criticize technology

Battlefield Hardliner is an ego shooter developed by Visceral Gaming in partnership with Digital Impression CE and also published by Digital Arts on 19 March 2015. Battlefield Hardliner is the 13th game of the Battlefield series. It differs from the previous components by the brand-new setup in which the gamer obtains the chance to get on the role of the cops or crooks. Thus, the game breaks via the armed forces surroundings. The main emphasis of the game is, as in the components before, on the multiplayer mode, for which there were primarily positive reviews.

Battlefield 2042 has been officially published since November 19th. After it had not cut off on Steam so well, lets look at the reviews on Metacritic. Mango summarizes the reviews of the critics for you.

Thats what the reviews on Metacritic: Battlefield 2042 gets an overall rating of 73 out of 100 possible points on the PC, with 45 tests from different pages. (Via metacritic)

100 points are available from the page EGG, which by far the highest rating for Battlefield 2042. The weakest rating is the shooter from the side of the The gamer, who awarded 40 points. Most reviews are between 70 and 80 points.

On the consoles Xbox Series (66) and PS5 (68) the shooter even cuts off worse, but there is also significantly fewer reviews, which greatly affects the cut. Thats why we focus on the PC version.

Overall, the shooter thus cuts below average compared to earlier offshoots. If you compare Battlefield 2042 with earlier parts of the series, reviews are even worse than Battlefield Hardliner, which has so far been the lowest ratings.

All reviews for Battlefield 2042 at a glance

This is the situation at Battlefield 2042: Already since the Open Beta in October there were first worries because of the technical condition of the shooter. Although it became a bit better with the start of the early access version, there are still numerous problems even after the start.

For the following overview, we have put together some reviews, considering that the highest and the lowest rating are always there and otherwise looked at the most famous gaming websites.

Battlefield 2042 (PC) on Metacritic — The Points

EGG — 100 The Games Machine — 90 — 80 Attack of the Fanboy — 80 Euro gamer Italy — 80 Desert — 75 Gamester — 71 IGN — 70 GamesRadar — 70 PC Games — 70 Windows Central — 70 Survivor — 45 Customers — 40 — 40 The Gamer — 40

Battlefield 2042 (PS5) on Metacritic — The Points

Here is a total of only 10 reviews, with a complete rating of 68.

PlayStation Universe — 80 Metro Game Central — 80 Atomic — 78 Acupressure — 70 Buy Why Tho? — 60 IGN France — 60 Push Square — 60 App trigger — 60 DESTRUCTED — 60 NGC — 60

Battlefield 2042 Xbox Series X | S — The points

There are only 7 reviews here, with a complete rating of 66.

Hey Poor Player — 80 TheXboxHub — 70 Gaming bolt — 70 The Loadout — 70 Pure Xbox — 70 GOD IS A GEEK — 60 Screen Rant — 40

How does it come to the reviews, and what are the critics say?

Thats what the reviews on Metacritic: We try to give you an overview and summarize some reviews.

Above all, the huge sandbox experience is praised, the Battlefield has always been awarded. The new maps are rated by many positively, also the scope of the game is good. The variety between the different modes such as Hazard Zone and Battlefield Portal pleases.

Battlefield 2042 is a great shooter that offers even bigger war and remains true to the principles that made the series so popular. — Euro gamer Italy.

Above all, the modes and the new specialists, even the dynamic weather system with its sandstorms and Tornadoes are well-received. Euro gamer Italy therefore awards 80 out of 100 points.

Despite the overwhelming amount of content, oversized environments, the excellent overall quality and some good decisions regarding the gameplay, Battlefield 2042 is a great shooter, especially because it preserves the soul of its predecessors and offers a still noticeable experience that it still offers Outside the Dice studios just do not exist.

Gianluca Russo, Euro gamer Italy

Battlefield 2042 has problems. Many, many problems. It suffers from large performance difficulties, among various bugs and balancing pat rats. — Gamester.

Our colleagues from the Gamester rated Battlefield 2042 with 71 out of 100 points. Also, the sandbox chaos, the team play and the huge multiplayer battles are also positive.

Battlefield 2042 has problems. Many, many problems. It suffers from large performance difficulties, among various bugs and balancing pats.

Why Hazard Zone is UNPLAYABLE - Battlefield: 2042

Battlefield 2042 would have needed two, three more months development. This game suffers from such harsh corners and edges that you can rasp tattoos from the arm.

But Battlefield 2042 also makes me a lot of fun. I have experienced exactly the unforgettable stories on the battlefield, for the fans Battlefield so much. Some of my worry children from the Review Event like Hazard Zone even works much better in live operation when I originally suspected.

Dimity Halley, Gamester.DE

The Gamester also has a video review:

Battlefield 2042 tries a lot, but only some of his experiments are worth being celebrated. —

At IGN, the new Hazard Zone mode is particularly good. However, the 128 player games are too chaotic. Above all, the portal mode is the highlight of Battlefield 2042.

However, as this mode returns the old parts of the series, it is particularly disappointing because Battlefield 2042 actually wanted to inject the future of the series.

Battlefield 2042 tries a lot, but only some of its experiments are worth being celebrated. The 128-player matches of all-out Warfare modes are definitely too much of the good thing most of the time, but the new, strategic hazard zone mode is incredibly fun. But the fact that most of the fun I had with 2042 was to play re-educations of the previous games in Portal is a pretty good indication that ideas like the new specialist system missed their goal. For a game that claims to be the future of Battlefield, the impressive portal options of 2042 make it clear that it can not compete with the past. Instead, there are exactly these customization possibilities that could define the game over time.

Stella Chung,

Battlefield 2042 is faulty, not well optimized and houses some bizarre creative decisions that I just can not understand. — PC invasions.

PC invasions also awards 70/100 points and criticizes above all the technical condition of the game. So certainly some patches are needed to bring the game into an acceptable condition. But thats why the game is not bad.

Battlefield 2042 has a lot of problems. From the optimization about the questionable design to different bugs, it is clear that this game was not quite finished being published. But despite all this I have caught myself with how I bathed in the chaotic fun of Battlefield. It certainly needs some patches, but Battlefield 2042 is by no means a hopeless case.

Kurt Perry,

But how do you see the game? Have you already bought Battlefield 2042, or did you first want to see how the start runs?

If you are looking for more information about Battlefield 2042, looks at our overview for the release, crossly and system requirements and content


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