Again boredom in the Bundesliga?

Ten gaming days around, the FC Bayern very top, everything as always. In the mere view of the Bundesliga table, you could definitely sign this sentence, because first everything looks like the game annually the MasterCard animal and the league looks boring.

But is that? After all, the Bavarians are up, but far not unbeatable, had to accept a tower and extreme clatter in the cup, and they have long-lost a second title: not Bayern is the only unbeaten team in professional football down in league 3, no, it is The Bayern championships club from Freiburg. So is there tension this season?

akrobeto has done it again on Bundesliga

FC Bayern Table Guide — What do the bookmakers say?

Granted, probably reputable bookmakers also copy their tips around FC Bayern in the league from year to year. The probability with which the Bavarians decorate the master shell for next time with their name, is high before the season. Currently, it looks so that Bavaria championship tips from Bavaria championship tips should be as if as possible. The quotas are miserable on fruit and almost the use in the domestic piggy bank. For this reason, fans should look at the bookmakers exactly and possibly also offer as bet365 live bets.

Although bookmakers are often statisticians from passion, know each air husband who can speak for or against a quote, but the league is so boring as usual? Is Bavaria s favorite role carved in stone? Some points for reflection:

Denser Tracker Bavaria can just say about a few points in front of the BVB. Short victories Yes, Bayern often gained enough with five or seven goals. But the opponent who wants to become a club who wants to become masters can shoot from the square. Against Cologne, Frankfurt, against heated Berliners, the games were long overwhelming. Even Against Reuther Fürth, Bavaria just managed to a 3-1.

The fact is, the Bavaria are mostly strong if they have significantly lost in a competition. The fact is also that the competition is currently weakening — except Dortmund s — but other clubs upgrade the league.

Who is probable pursuer?

Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig. The one club has been trying for years to take the shell to Bayern, the other club has the necessary change and can already focus mainly on the league. However, that sounds so simple, because the actual situation looks different:

Dortmund — The BVB is the clear pursuer of Bavaria, has even chances of staying in the Champions League or at least to get into the Europa Cup, and he delivers good games. Certainly the opponent should not be called Ajax Amsterdam, but they are not playing in the Bundesliga. The drawback is that Haaland is injured again and the BVB s Tormaschinery is not tailored to the exceptional door, but this is always good for tearing the game itself if the colleagues can not. Leipzig — It does not work. Neither in the league, nor international and even the achievement of the secondary finish was anything but stable. With just 15 points, the bulls were ranked 8. The victory against Dortmund has led here, however, that the Leipzig will get back to the Cl places.

How could the Bundesliga be more exciting again?

Basically, the Bundesliga is exciting. Who calls you boring, which aligns his eyes only on the first ranks, but forgets that the league consists of 18 clubs. And for most of the club trailers, the league is often exciting to the injury time of the last match day. Conversely, it can be said that the only fans, which are plagued by boredom, call the slogan Mia San Mia.

Much more important is to make the Bundesliga more interesting again, because what is currently playing on the ranks of many stages is a terror scenario. Many fans have shown Corona as lifted and oversized the football is. Standing cards for guests of over 40.00 Euro in the second league, family tickets, for whose price a weekend in the amusement park would be possible.

And again and again the grandmoms that are thrown for players in the room or players who s the annual salary is insufficient in the two-digit millions. The football has a structural problem. By the way: the subclass audience numbers are correct (in relation to the local conditions). But what can be changed? Here are some discussed approaches:

Game Day — who still remembers the song Opel Gang ? Saturday afternoon at half past three, football reportage and a beer? The game day must be merged again. The mindset that now more matches will be watched live is wrong. An uninteresting game is always ignored. Ceiling — a Europe-wide salary cap for players could be addressed, including the commitment to high transfer fees. Certainly there are some clubs do not agree, but they can certainly try with Barcelona and Madrid the Super League again to start. Fanfreundlicher — Corona left out: Football must be fanfreundlicher. Stadium visits should be affordable, the broadcasting rights must be urgently distributed better and more attractive. The Bundesliga will suffer if a fan really needs five streaming providers plus a cable or satellite connection. Family Friendly — out of consideration for the family heard a lot of fans over the weekend games and not see them on TV. The problem is that since this season the listening experience has been significantly diminished since the takeover by the ARD. Many fans forget the football now fully and see some time in the library to find summaries.

If the stages are not eventually be empty, most of football for fans are more attractive.

Conclusion — only the leader is boring

Certainly, the football generally has the reputation of the proletariat and fans ridiculed by many people. But football is also a wonderful way to live cohesion to push together a team forward, to celebrate, to mourn, to hope. This only works if a common plane between audience and professional football is maintained. Unfortunately, those responsible often only think about marketing in Asian directions, forgetting that it is the fans here that make football interesting, entertaining and worth seeing.

Abroad like to see nobody empty ranks. Not when the master again Bayern Munich is. If necessary, do not get the audience more.


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