5 the most WTF moments of the Yakuza series series

The Yakuza game series deals with fairly serious subjects — in addition to the political gangsters, murder and betrayal, there are many portions impressively bloody violence that make this series of games is not for sensitive souls. But SEGA has always balanced all heavy topics with many light moments as well. In fact, some side quests, random encounters and other diversions were so mad that they will stay with you long after the final boss battle. Here we have selected five of the most wacky times, most eccentric and even the most disturbing of the Yakuza series — read on if you dare.

Outside a karaoke bar, Kirk meets a woman named AYU dressed in S & M leather equipment harassed by street punks. After I delivered the usual bowl, Kirk tells AYU lost his mojo domineering and needs help to recover. Naturally, Kirk accompanies this person he just met in a public park, with lots of families and children, and acts as a client S & M, undergoing physical punishment AYU as the player chooses things AYU humiliating to yell at him. Just when you think the poor Kirk can not sink lower, this side quest earned him the reward of a hot belly fur.

In this strange nod to scary movies like The Ring, Kirk is given a video with a summary man who begs him not to look. Of course, all this ensures that the look, he does. In the video, Kirk sees a park, but the face of a scary woman jumps in the scene, making her fear and the player. All this is quite disturbing, but Kirk is told by a medium it is now cursed for watching the video. Great. I will not spoil the end, but simply that it is never quite explained say if the scary woman was real or not.

As frightening as the ghosts are, they are nothing compared to the really disturbing images Be My Baby, probably the craziest side quest in the history of Yakuza. Kirk finds himself somehow in a club that caters to adult men who like to wear diapers and be treated like babies. They want to join the Kirk, and when he refuses, this turns into brawl. Believe me, the image of a group of adults Yakuza henchmen being beaten ass wearing nothing other than Pampers is something that will stay with you long after the end of the game, and beyond — because there is even a suite at the meeting in a side quest called Baby Do not Cry Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Clearly inspired by the same name from the animated film, this episode strange Yakuza 6 Kirk involves meeting a young woman who claims to be from the future. You see, she was possessed his ego younger and has traveled back in time. She apparently tries to save his father, Kirk meeting later when he was accosted by the thugs of the ubiquitous street. Of course, Kirk book patented beating punks and saves father. Kirk does not believe in the story of time travel to the woman, but all the side quest is always a little strange and original stay through tropes cool science fiction.

The Yakuza Will Kill You

If you ve never heard of Toilets, it was apparently a series of real mini-games in Japan SEGA which you play by urinating in the bathroom. I m serious. And two of them were included in the Arcade SEGA s Yakuza Miami 2: Bastille splash! The latex nose and north wind and the sun... and moi (I m always serious). In both games, you control the urine stream Kirk using your controller (hold R2 to a strong explosion, of course), and the premise of both are equally absurd: in Bastille splash! Nose latex you take milk through the nose on an opponent, and... the other you try to blow up the dress of a woman. This is perhaps the most extravagant thing of all Yakuza games... and that means something.

That s five times totally crazy in a series that has never been afraid to venture into the bizarre side of life. But as farfetched as these experiences are only a small sample of the many, many examples of which we could talk. So stay tuned here COG connected because we offer over most WTF moments of the series Yakuza games.


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