Timothée Chalamet, Dune s protagonist, confesses that he had an Xbox control modding channel

Forest Whitaker is an actor, director and producer of American cinema, born July 15, 1961 in Longview (Texas). It is part of the male interpretation price of the 1988 Cannes Film Festival for its interpretation by Charlie Parker in Bird (1988) and the Oscar for the best actor in 2007 for his interpretation of Idi Amin Dada in the last king of Scotland (2006). He also performed Ghost Dog in Ghost Dog: the way of Samurai (1999), Jon Kavanaugh in the Shield Series (2006-2007) or Saw will manage in different works of the Star Wars world (Rogue One (2016), Rebels (2017), Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (2019). It also appears in Platoon (1986), Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), Panic Room (2002), Phone Game (2002), Majordoma (2013), Arrival (2016) and Black Panther (2018).

Timothée Chalamet Fashion in Hollywood Thanks to his role in Dune, the adaptation of Frank Herbert s novel now taken to the big screen by Denis Villeneuve, and who has thickened his coffers with a million-dollar collection. But the protagonist of him is not news only by the brilliant performance of him, but by the other passion of him: modify Xbox 360 controls.

Timothee Chalamet's secret Xbox YouTube channel #timotheechalamet #zendaya #dune #xbox #shorts

The Middle Vice has carried out an enormous research work on the fact, which for a while had in checking the community. The Youtube channel moddedcontroller 360, with almost 15,000 subscribers, has always been under suspicion for the possibility that Timothée was responsible. He never knew because only his hands and the room showed, but never his face. And now the doubt has been cleared.

The theory, as they count, arose in 2018, when the actor s fan page found the old YouTube channel and proved that a `YouTube videos on which a child with a hoarse voice is displayed Xbox 360 Receiving Modding. There they began theories about the room, the chair or a scar that the actor has on his finger.

Everything coincided. The article is justified in precise measurements of object alignment, color and carpet. Although there were still those who had reluctance. The scenario fit and a scar on the finger is not something that everyone has. But Chalamet had never made reference of this in public. Up to now.

After the publication of the VICE article, in a Dune promotional interview in which he is next to Zendaya, the Chalamet himself confesses that yes, which was him. That in the past he led a YouTube channel over Xbox Modding. You can see it below. A wonderful story.


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