The creation of Battlefield 3 burned both his chief developer who does not remember part of the development

When a very anticipated game premieres, we tend to squeeze everything possible as soon as we have the opportunity to buy it. A very normal reaction with which, sometimes, we forget of the work behind of any work, both for your creative ideas and all the obstacles that have hampered the creation process. In this sense, Battlefield 3 was one of the most popular titles of says, but it was also a very hard experience for one of its designers.

David J. Goldfarb Videogame Demo

Working on this project burned me so much that I do not remember much of the production David Goldfarb David Goldfarb, chief designer of the game, explained this recently on Twitter, where he admits that Working on this project burned me so much that I do not remember Much of production. Something that does not cancel that the community considers Battlefield 3 as a great game: I am happy because people liked it, I m not happy with that period of time. Some statements that he publishes about 10 years since the launch of the title.

Obviously, there is no official confirmation, but it is possible that Goldfarb abandoned says for the workload. A decision he took for Follow his own path and took him to the Foundation of the Outsiders study. However, it should be noted that, despite the experience of it with Battlefield 3, the designer says that he says very good people and that the company has changed since then.

Therefore, the development of any video game hides behind many anecdotes both positive and negative, so that the work of the developers should not be disdained. Returning to the universe of the war franchise, Battlefield 2042 is just around the corner, so, with the presentation of its Hazard Zone mode, it is prepared for its launch November 19 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.


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