Ps5 seduces our ears and introduces Apple Music: Thousands of songs to listen while we play

Grand Theft Auto V (more commonly abbreviated GTA V) is an action-adventure video game, developed by Rockstar North and edited by Rockstar Games. It came out in 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in 2014 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and then in 2015 on PC; It is also planned to be marketed in 2022 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. The game is part of the Grand Theft Auto Videoludic series. This episode takes place in the fictional state of San Andreas in Southern California. The solo history follows three protagonists: the Michael Retirement Bank Rawer of Santa, the Gangster Franklin Clinton and the Trevor Philips drug and arms trafficker, and their turmoil under the pressure of a corrupt government agency and powerful criminals. The game in open world allows players to freely browse the open campaign of San Andreas and the fictional town of Los Santos, inspired by Los Angeles. The cost of Grand Theft Auto V, marketing included, amounts to $ 265 million, which at the time represents a record for a video game. The game beats seven sales records when leaving and becoming a great commercial success, exceeding 20 million copies sold in two weeks, as well as more than one billion dollars of recipe. The game receives the Golden Joystick Award for the game of the year, but also the Game of the Year Prize. In August 2021, the game flows more than 150 million copies of any confused support, placing it in second place of the most sold video games of all time, behind Minecraft.

There are video games that have a sublime soundtrack. And there are others who, despite the fact that their melodies are more than entertaining, repeated so much that the player wants to hear something new. Now, PS5 solves this problem in your system and joins Apple to enter Apple Music: an exclusive service with more than 90 million songs, including sound bands of video games such as control, Genshin Impact or Fantasian RPG.

Apple Music has more than 90 million songs as explained by PlayStation from your blog, this combination of companies is perfect for players who love listen to music and play video games, since A service with tens of thousands of selected playlists, musical videos in 4K, current successes, classics and live country of Apple Music Radio and personalized playlists according to your musical preferences are premiered.

PS5: How to Play Apple Music While Playing Games Tutorial! (2021)

But Sony will not make us choose between music and videogames, since this incorporation will allow us to listen to songs at the same time as we played the console. Something that expands the experience with reproductive lists created according to the genre we are playing, so it allows to explore different auditory ideas within the same area. These actions can be carried out before starting a game or, if we wish, in the midst of our gaming session.

In this way, PS5 is arranged to sweeter our ears with a collaboration that begins right now, so users subscribed to Apple Music can already encourage their games with different songs. Therefore, PS5 goes ahead with firmware updates and with new experiences for players, as the patent to patch players by popular vote.


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