OCULUS QUEST 2: Windows 11 users Report massive problems with wireless air link

Who is currently leaving with a change to Windows 11, may be a little patient - at least if he regularly wireless VR content from his PC to the Oculus Quest streams. Technology Expert David Heaney by uploadvr.com reports after changing the operating system of constant jerks in wireless quest 2 operation, both in the use of oculus and Steam VR titles.

Guilt on the swallowed individual images was the Compositor. This is the software that receives the rendered frames from the app and, etc., calculate interim pictures (TIMEWARP or SPACEWARP). So the frame rate can also be comfortably liquid in fast head rotations - at least if everything works as desired.

In the case observed by uploadvr.com, the compositor was not continuous at the set 90 Hertz of the headset screens. Instead, the frame rate was broken again and again. Even dozens other quest users have already reported on reddit and in oculus forums from the problem.

When using the alternative streaming app Virtual Desktop, the problem would have been shown only for native Oculus titles. If the app, however, streamed Steam VR titles from the PC to Quest 2, the problem did not occur - probably because Virtual Desktop does not use the Oculus Compositor, but a separate OpenVR runtime.

Oculus Air Link Vs Virtual Desktop - Oculus Quest 2

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